Why can’t J-Dubs provide more help to their sick?

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  • JimWood

    Two contrasting examples recently crossed through our lives which showed the pathetic ?love? that is in the KH towards sick members. 1) A brother in his early 50?s developed cancer, within two years he died. His wife ended up without a home due to the debt incurred by his sickness, bankruptcy. This was viewed as a ?trial? and she would be rewarded when the ?New system? arrives. 2) Several months after this brother?s death we stopped going to the KH. My wife came across a flyer for a fund raiser. There was a young woman in our city that has cancer, terminal. She has a husband and three kids all under 7 years old. Carrie volunteered to help. Hundreds of people showed up, money poured out to help her seek the newest/best treatments, pay bills, anything. All foods, door prize, everything was donated to her cause. On one hand a community comes together on the other a man dies essentially alone, except for a few meals dropped off for the widow. This got us thinking about the construct that Dubs have built around themselves. ?We are no part of the world ? so don?t ask us for help and we can?t ask you.? Everything in this system is wicked including every last person ? people have no love for one another, meanwhile if you get sick your on your own. The self righteous, pompous attitude has alienated them from their communities. So much for love of neighbor ? unless pushing a magazine at an elderly old man and saying ?hang in there this wicked system will be ending shortly,? is showing love. I suppose he could burn it to stay warm this winter. Thoughts anyone???

  • looking_glass

    I agree to a certain extent. When it comes to money JWs don't help whether it is because they have no money to help w/ or they are too cheap to financially help.

    But speaking from personal experience, my mother has post polio. It is in both her legs and her lungs. She struggles thru it and for the most part is ok. But she has her days. As such, there are always JWs (granted women) calling on her, checking on her. It is not just for the meeting or service stuff either. They make sure she is set for food and that she is not lying on the floor somewhere.

    So I agree to a certain extent. I am sure if my mother needed money the JWs would scatter. But thankfully she is alright there. What is really sad is that if she did not cut off family that is inactive or DF'd/DA'd, she would have family that would be willing to care for her. But since she is following the GB's rules, she limits her association w/ those who are not "strong" in the truth. Which is her choice as I point out to her when she starts to complain about something.

  • moshe

    In a similar vein, when our family home burned down local churches gave us clothes, toys for the kids, dishes, pans,tec. The KH gave us nothing. The brothers asked for me to hire them so they could get some of the insurance money by cleaning up the fire debris and to rebuild the house. I should have seen the light then. I asked my wife why were the churches (the enemy) helping us, but the KH wasn't? She had no answer either , except it must have just been our KH that had a problem.

  • garybuss

    There's no money in helping people. The money comes from healthy people working for free, and donating money. The money comes from sick people dying and leaving assets to the Society.

    The Society is in the business of isolating itself from the obligation to help people and from the appearance of having an obligation to help people.

    Reality's never's been a problem, it's always the expectations that did me in.

  • freedom96

    Witnesses do most of what they have to because of having no choice. They must put field service time in, they must go to the meetings, etc. Not that they want to, but everything they do is because they must.

    In contrast, in the churches I have attended since leaving the WTS, people go because they want to. Anything they are involved in at the church is because they are moved to do so, not because they have to do this or that.

    I think that is a perfect explanation. Those who by nature do things because they want to will go farther in helping others, rather than those who are forced to do things they really don't want to do.

  • truthsetsonefree

    JWs have way too much to do slaving for the WTS. Caring for the sick is not considered part of "sacred service." Plus money issues, and the fact that the WTs teachings don't emphasize love for neighbor. They emphasize religious rituals.

  • sspo

    The Gb has brainwashed the JW that the preaching comes before everything else because it is a command fom Jesus, everything else is secondary.

    Try asking a pioneer to assist someone in the congr. where she cannot count the time and most of the time see what the answer will be.

    Of course there are always exception of those that go out of their way to truly show love for others

  • restrangled

    I can remember a Sunday talk many years ago about the brothers in Africa delivered by a CO. They were starving, but they did not need food according to the talk, just spiritual food. This would be much better for their well being.

    I was about 12 or 13 at the time and was furious.

    To me, this attitude has prevailed throughout the years with the WBTS. They absolutely do not contribute to any in need. They feel the spiritual need is the most important, not the physical.

    They can do the "quick builds" etc., but not take care of any physical needs.

    Also, in my mom's congregation some people were here from South America. She donated much clothing and about $1000.00 to the couple to go to those in need in the area. She found out they spent the $1000.00 on airfare. Being a typical JW she let it go but was very upset.


  • Gordy

    Jim Wood

    There was similar case in my old congregation. A Brother, an Elder, died from brain tumour. Been a JW for 60 years. One of the few "good" Elders. His wife the same nothing to much trouble. She was put in an old peoples home by her two Elder sons. My wife and I used to visit her. She just gradually went downhill. Lost husband she spent life looking after. Shoved in a home by her sons, who rarely visited. When she first went in home it was arranged for others to pick her up and bring her to meetings. This gradually stopped. Last time I visited her she just didn't recognise us. She died not long afterwards.

    I think not long afterward there was a Watchtower article about how JW's lovingly look after elderly ones. It was one of those things that has stayed in my mind.

  • LongHairGal

    If you are sick or in need and want help from JWs, it helps to be either related to the right people or be in the right clique. Assistance is privately given to the "right" people. Everybody else is S.O.L. There is an unfeeling, ruthless attitude towards everybody else. LHG

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