Finally figured it out!!

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  • HadEnuf

    Okay...I tried and failed. But Mr. Rat kindly helped me out and hopefully you can see the pics further down this thread! Thank you for your support...mumsy

    Frog in the birdhouse.

    Part of my garden.

    My "Brokeback" kitties...Sir Percy and Weezer

    My youngest son Tristan and his fiance...the lovely Danielle.

    Scott from Caroline's Spine and myself at Taste of Madison last weekend.

    My Rock God, Jimmy Newquist at Taste of Madison last weekend.

    Yeah. I hope this works. mumsy

  • lovelylil

    sorry to tell you this, but I cannot see your pics. Lilly

  • JH

    Lovely pictures mumsy

    The top one is really nice

    did you take this this morning in the service?

  • HadEnuf

    Oh poopy darn. I wonder why I can see them and you guys can't. Oh well. It was worth a try. Boo hoo. Back to the drawing board.

  • JH

    I'll explain it to you mumsy.

    1st of all, we can't see what's on your hard disk. Only you can. So that's why you see pictures there. IF we could see those pictures, we could also see everything on your computer. you wouldn't like that hey !!!

    So, you have to "Upload" your picture(s) to a site, like and from there you can link them to here on JWD.

    So, you have to go to photobucket and sign up. It,s free. Upload a picture there, and when you see your picture on that site, right click on the picture, and press on "copy", and then come here on JWD and post your picture by pressing on the "paste" icon on top, the second icon to the right of the scissors.

    Another way would be to upload your pictures here by clicking on "files" on the top left of the page, right next to where you log in and logoff. When you go into the "files section", you can upload your picture there. Once it's uploaded there, you will see it in that section. Then you can paste that picture for all of us to see it, by clicking on the paper clip you see up there. :)

  • mama1119

    HAHA JH, I Love it!

  • hubert

    So, you have to "Upload" your picture(s) to a site, like and from there you can link them to here on JWD.

    JH, when you upload to photobucket, can anyone that uses photobucket see your photo or picture that you uploaded, or just you? (Before you download it to the forum)?


  • JH

    On photobucket, you go in your options and you choose make public or not. You can put a password so that no one can backtrack and see all your album, but just the picture you post.

  • sspo

    Give it another try or get some help from expert on this board

  • HadEnuf

    Dear Mr. Rat...I see now where I have gone astray. But your directions may save the day. I'll try. Nothing else ot do on a Saturday night. Thanks very much!


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