What's the best Martial Art to take up??

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  • dorayakii

    I'm thinkinf of taking up Kendo...... but lots of people have been advising Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Judo and Aikido to me...

    Does anyone on this board do any of the Oriental Martial Arts?

    Any suggestions on the benefits and disadvantages of the martial arts?

  • Badger

    Brazilian Jujitsu. I've seen their fighters beat the life out of people twice their size.


    Cystema. But, You'd have to find some old Russian who was in the Soviet Special Forces.

  • LittleToe

    It depends what you want to achieve with it.

    Personally I took up Tai Chi (Chinese) and dabbled a little with Aikido (Japanese), because I wanted something for fitness, balance, and to control my Chi.

    If your aim is to beat the living crap out of some miscreant who's attempting to punch it out for your wallet, then Krav Maga (Israeli) might be better.

  • Badger


    Kicking ass kicks ass, So I'd pick the latter. Krav Maga is good, too.

    You could also order a Bas Rutten DVD. Whoa.

  • chiddy

    Ori kati

  • jgnat

    For flexibility and long life, Tai Chi Chuan. You should see my Asian neigbour. He's fit as a fiddle.


    Defendo,a blend of akido and hapkido..Bill Wolfe is the originator of this art..He guarded the General in charge,during the Rawanda Crisis..Check out his web sight for locations of schools..It is a street smart and devistating fighting art.Excellent for any size or age of person...OUTLAW

  • Carmel

    Lamb slaughtering! Blood splattering on thresholds!


  • Forscher

    It depends on a number of things. Aikido is the art most likely to keep you out of trouble with the law if that is an important factor where you live. I've studied several esoteric martial arts and Aikidoka are high on my list of folks I wouldn't want to mix it up with.
    Aikijitsu formed the basis for the first one I mentioned. The main difference is that Aikido added some techniques that are not in Aikijitsu and Aikijitsu has some kicking and punching techniques which are some absent from most Aikido styles. Problem is that instructors in that stlye are few and far between. Taijitsu is the hand to hand combat style of the ninja. The ninja had to have a world class system of hand to hand combat because they often went up against armed samurai and didn't alwas have the luxury of having arms at hand. Any good school of tha art will also place major emphasis on the psychological aspect of hand to hand combat and how it can be applied against an assailant. It is also a very flexible system which taylors the level of violence used to the level defended against. There are several stlyes of that one out there, the Togakure, the Koga, and another style I know of but can't name. Don't be misled by the Togakure who will tell you that they are the only legitimate stlye of Ninja, they aren't. Secrecy was the hallmark of the ninja schools and nobody knows for sure how many are still out there. There are enough schools, mainly of the Togakure tradition that you shouldn't have any real trouble finding one if you want to go down that road.Okinawan Karate is good for the same reason I gave for taijitsu. They often had to go up against fully armed and at times armored samurai. One interesting style which is growing is Isgoshindo karate, a hibrid style developed by US marines stationed on Okinawa. I've had my wrist broken and my knee screwed up sparring with those folks, it is one serious combat style! I'll write some more in a bit. I've been summoned by my wife to go. Forscher

  • lesterd

    shotgun, sawed off 12 gauge

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