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  • pmouse

    Hubby just called. On his way out of the neighborhood (where we are having a subdivision-wide garage sale), he spotted a group of well-dressed individuals with book bags descending upon the streets.

    Although I have the "NO Soliciting, NO Peddling, NO Preaching" stop sign posted to my screen door (someone here thoughtfully posted), I am waiting anxiously to see if:

    1. They even make it to my street because of notorious fascination with garage sales while in the field;
    2. They attempt the climb up my stairs to my front porch (hubby just replaced the steps, no handrails yet, therefore the call to put out a cone or something);
    3. Finally, if they actually ring my doorbell.

    If number 3 happens, I plan to launch into the subject of education and how the WTS discourages it while not so tactfully pointing at the sign. Should they stick around, the UN might be a nice topic, along with 607 issue, false prophets....If push comes to shove....nah, no handrails = lawsuit.

    I have a sneaking suspicion the garage sales are going to get them....And they'll probably turn in 10 hours on their time cards tomorrow....

  • candidlynuts

    ooo let us know if they show up.

    stick some stuff in the yard and put .25 cent stickers on everything..they'll show up for sure then! lol

  • pmouse

    Good idea, maybe a table with print outs from Quotes, a copy of Crisis of Conscience......Lovingly offered for a small donation to cover the cost of printing and handling...

  • fullofdoubtnow
    ......Lovingly offered for a small donation to cover the cost of printing and handling...

    It would be interesting to see their reaction to that lol. I think they'd run.

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