Intellectual dishonesty in the New Tract !

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    Intellectual dishonesty

    It should be their theme for the DC next year, and the year after and the year after that...

    Its one of the things the GB is best at...along with manipulating people.

  • inthetruth

    I don't know why everyone is so CRITICAL of this tract. EVERYONE knows, or I assumed everyone knew the the worlds political powers are the UN. I will put it simply... who makes up the UN? Answer: most of the worlds governments. I can tell you what is in the updates in the new Revelation Book. The "old" Revelation book gives references to older watchtowers, (since the book came out in the late 80's) for example at the end of a paragraph it will say *for more info. refer to June 1982 Watchtower. Now however, it says *for more info. refer to 1999 Watchtower. My My,what a change!! Its almost as if they re-wrote the whole book isn't it???? But of course how would any of you klnow that unless you attented a KH. It is the same old crap of slamming witnesses & no one knowing what they are talking about, I am simply saying, before you post please have the facts correct. & also, the matter of asking for $8.00 for CO's. This is a one time $ 8.00 amount. to help cover expenses, in our district the co's stay in apartments. Since they do not have a secular job someone has to pay for the expense. There was a vote involved, ASKING if we WANTED to pass the resolution that each one give 8.00 (a one time deal) we all agreed to do it. Could you imagine though if you went to some other church for your whole life and when they passed the plate around you only gave $8.00 one time in your life? But yet if a witness gives a one time 8.00 amount, we are looked down upon, but like I said, same old crap.... Hope I cleared the matter up with all of you though since you are soooo worried about the WTS going broke.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Do all of the anointed have to be dead and in heaven for the marriage of the bride to Christ to take place?

    Interesting question Blondie. In fact, I believe it similar to a question I posed to Steve Lett [now GB member] when he served our circuit.

    His answer was that the order of events was 1- The start of the GT 2- The marriage of the Lamb and Bride. 3 - The destruction of the nations and false religion in Armageddon.

    That is, if I recall it correctly - that was maybe 20 years back now. Anyway, the point we discussed was regarding the 'rapture' of the annointed. He indicated without total committment that the 'rapture' of the annointed - though not called such by witnesses and never dealt with too precisely in the literature - might be more similar to the idea that the evangelical churches teach than we think. I think he used the word 'symantics' to describe the difference in our views at that time.

    Anyway his point was that the 'marriage' had to take place before the big A, due to the scripture that indicated an intact 'bride' riding in destructive formation with Christ. This might require a mass 'rapture' of sorts. The explanation also 'covered' the obvious failure of the annointed to 'die off' on schedule, though he did not say that.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Hope I cleared the matter up with all of you though since you are soooo worried about the WTS going broke.

    Not worried about that, Inthetruth.

    I don't even see that connection with my thread here! But since you brought it us - I am worried about the opposite problem - that they are not going to go broke due to having horn-swaggolled so many who are willing to continue to support the old harlot.


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