Name the Books That Impacted You The Most.

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  • delilah

    Crisis of Conscience, Ray Franz. Changed me forever. I am most grateful to the man.

  • Carmel

    "Thief In The Night" by William Sears shook me out of my box in terms of world view and the role of religion. Have to say it lead to a major change for the better in my life.


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee - I hear the movie is great too. Great book about southern life in the 1930's and the prejudice.

    "Hawaii "by James Michener - I read the unabridged edition - over 1,000 pages, it held my attention all the way.

    "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck was very eye opening. I read that when some of the people who migrated to Oklahoma to California in the 1930's were asked if they thought Steinbeck's novel depicted conditions the way things really were, they replied that "No, it was worse." I also understand that Steinbeck went from California to Oklahoma and accompanied one of the families who were forced out of their home, on their trip to California so he could get the emotions of their journey. Also, some school libraries in Missouri about 1939 actually banned Steinbeck's novel saying it was unfit for children to read.

    "Animal Farm" by George Orwell - easier reading than "1984" but I think both books are excellent. The similarities to the Borg are so clear.

  • Gill

    Harry Potter!!

    Sound stupid? I'll tell you why. For years I had been of the JW mindset in our area that you could be possessed if you even read these books.

    Well, I've read them and read them. No demons came. I watched the film! Bought the mugs! Bought the Royal Doulton! Still no bloody demons!

    The only thing that possessed me was freedom from superstition. That's a BIG impact for a born in JW, as was.

  • Gill

    'Jehovah Unmasked' made me realise that many other people had thought what I had always thought in secret!

    Just cos someone's God, don't make them good!

    I love all the Isacc Asimov books!

  • hartstrings

    Loved The Awakenings by Kate Chopin. It is the perfect story for a woman who is coming out of a controlling situation, realizing that they can be themselves. Just picked up Uncle Tom's Cabin. Have read about it, but have never actually read it. There are way too many books to mention, but these are the most recent. Trista

  • codeblue

    The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse---

  • lola28

    The Metamorphosis


    Of Mice and Men

    The Bluest Eye

    Where the Red fern grows

    The Giving Tree


  • Sunspot

    So far I've enjoyed everything by Chaim Potok, I particularly liked "My Name Is Asher Lev"

    I've liked everything that Ira Levin has written so far...

    "The Dollmaker" by Harriet Arnow

    "The Firefox Books" a series by Elliot Wigginton who writes of Appalachia, its people, cultures and eccentricities.

    "Ghost Fox" by James Houston

    "Mrs. Mike"....I forgot the author (read it when I was in my teens and re-read it in the 80's)

    "Karen" by Kililleagh

  • wonderwoman

    Damn! I was going to be cute and say the YPA book too. My dad went over and over and over the masturbation ch. Every family study. Shheeesh. Give it a break man.

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