Manitoba Jehovah's Witness teen says she was scared by forced transfusion

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    If this child was breast fed, or if she drinks milk - she'd already be ingesting......

    TD posted this.

    Human colostrum contains more white blood cells (Leukocytes, specifically Neutrophils) by volume than does blood itself. This presents a glaring contradiction, because JW's have for years, appealed to "Natural processes" in the allowance of certain blood components. Plasma protiens, for example were allowed based upon transference across the syncytial membrane during gestation. Yet white blood cells, which are directly consumed by lactation, which is about as "Natural" a process as you are ever likely to run across, are forbidden.

    Without a very good explanation from the JW organization, the natural corollaries here are twofold. First, JW appeals to the maternal/fetal relationship in the allowance of certain blood components are strictly an argument of convenience and the JW organization is hypocritical for failing to apply it evenly. Second and more importantly, the entire transfusion medicine taboo is flawed at a very basic level.

    What does this have to do with Watchtower Farms?

    Well as most of you know, the JW's (At the corporate level) placed a great deal of emphasis on self sufficiency at one time. Watchtower Farms produced food for the Bethel tables, with the apparent thought that this would enable operations to continue during "Difficult times." This included dairy products.

    Testing the milk is basic to monitoring and maintaining the health of dairy cattle. One of these tests is called the, "California Mastitis Test" and this particular test counts the number of (You guessed it...) white blood cells in milk.

    This reading is called the SCC. (Somatic Cell Count) An elevated SCC is indicative of infection of the udder, (Mastitis) and the animal giving the elevated count needs to be treated and the milk discarded. (Current USDA standards allow an SCC of 750K/cm3 for cow's milk and 1000K/cm3 for goat's milk.) This test is not optional if your herd produces milk for human consumption.

    What is the point to all of this?

    Well, we could forgive an organization of "City boys" who, having never been any closer to a Norwegian Red or a Guernsey than pictures, did not undertand the impact this simple fact of life would have on the religious notion that God has forbade the "Taking In" of certain blood components.

    But how can we forgive an organization with firsthand experience in the farming business?

  • JH
    Do you think the courts have the right to impose blood transfusion or other medical treatments on a child?

    When you put the word "impose" and "child" it sounds mean.

    The question should have been:

    Do you think the courts have the right to save a JW child who needs blood and whose life depends on it?

  • Nosferatu
    Do you think the courts have the right to impose blood transfusion or other medical treatments on a child?

    The funny thing is, the courts are winning in that poll :)

    I didn't see CTV last night, but I did catch it on Global. They showed a clip of Lawrence Hughes talking about the mis-information that the WTS has published. Way to go Lawrence! Even though you may not have got what you wanted out of your lawsuit, you've become are really bad thorn in the Watchtower's side. To them, your "ugly" head keeps popping up :)

    Speaking of ugly, I got my first look of Shane Brady. Might as well have shaved my cat's ass and put it on TV.


    Free Press
    Friday, September 8, 2006
    Page: A8
    Section: City
    Byline: Carol Sanders

    A Calgary man whose daughter died after being convinced by her religion not to accept a blood transfusion hopes a Winnipeg court will do all it can to protect a girl fighting "the gift of life" that her Jehovah's Witness faith says is wrong.

    "I hope the judge does the right thing and lets the child live and receive medical treatment," said Lawrence Hughes, whose daughter Bethany died at the age of 17 four years ago this week.

    "When the child has become an adult, hopefully then she will be able to make a decision free from institutional coercion," said Hughes. When his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, he tried to convince her to accept blood transfusions. Hughes was shunned by the Jehovah's Witnesses, including his daughter.

    "She was under tremendous pressure," said Hughes. "They're required once a year to sign a blood card printed by the Watchtower Society and to sign it in the presence of two elders, otherwise they're disfellowshipped, or shunned by congregation," said Hughes.

    A spokesman for a Winnipeg Jehovah's Witnesses congregation declined to comment on any of their beliefs while there is a case before the courts.

    "They live a very cloistered life," he said. "They're not allowed to associate with non-Jehovah's Witnesses outside of work. They have five meetings a week and when they're not at a meeting, they're studying for a meeting, or they're preaching once a week."

    The former Jehovah's Witness recalled the day Bethany heard her devastating diagnosis.

    "We were in the hospital sitting and reading scriptures from the Bible trying to strengthen her faith," he said. Witnesses believe that blood transfusion is forbidden for them by Biblical passages such as: "Only flesh with its soul -- its blood -- you must not eat" (Genesis 9:3-4); "(You must) pour its blood out and cover it with dust" (Leviticus 17:13-14); and "Abstain from ... fornication and from what is strangled and from blood" (Acts 15:19-21).

    "I thought about who wrote it, when it was written and why it was written and I said to Bethany 'none of these pertain to your situation. If you take a transfusion, there's a good chance of living. If you refuse, there's a good chance you will die.' From that moment on, she shunned me. She said I was an apostate."

    Alberta child welfare authorities got a court order and Bethany received treatments, he said. When they were finished, Bethany and her mother disappeared, he said.

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  • skeeter1

    Like a teen who was raised in a polygamist household, this teen knows no better. She does not know how much she was lied to.


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