Let's count the years together.....

by AK - Jeff 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • plmkrzy

    state of mind = 10 years

    actual years = 43

  • ozziepost

    I think we're up to 272?

    Add my 45 years + Mrs Ozzie's 45 years and you get 362.

    (Free for 9 years - ain't it grand!)

  • bavman

    From birth - 32 years

    From baptism - 17 years

    Out - 2 years

  • JH

    272 + Bavman's 32 years = 304 plus my active 8 years = 312 years

    I'm inactive over 15 years so I didnt add that although I never was df'd

  • done4good

    From time my mother started studying- 28 years.

    From time of baptism- 18 years.


  • lovelylil

    I get 420 total so far adding to blondies 32 for bavman, 8 for jh, 18 for done 4 good. (I only counted from your baptism on but the actual # is higher is raised as a JW). Anyone think this number should be different? Lilly

  • ozziepost


    You'd better start adding all these years; I think we've lost track already!

    There's nothing like dubs and reports to see a bit of fudging on the figures, eh?

  • littlerockguy

    a "study" at 17, "approved associate" at 18, baptized at 19, inactive at 21, reactive at 23 up until 30, started to fade after 30; so mentally captive for about 13 years.

  • plmkrzy

    Just MHO and I don’t know if this is what AK-Jeff had in mind

    The number I came up with was higher because it seems to me "in" should count from the time of your association that brought you into the religion because that is where it all starts, otherwise, not one of us would have ever been "in", unless we won a baptism playing the lottery or accidentally fell out of a plane into a baptismal pool during an assembly and they counted it. I know two people right now that are disfellowshipped and still consider themselves to be jws in good standing again someday. They are still “in”

    My mind became entrapped by the religion at birth. Lol! It was the influence of my entire thought process and how I viewed everything in life as I grew up because it was what I was taught and how my parents raised me to think.

    After I left… for a while, I married a Catholic. He was baptized a Catholic at birth.

    Even though I could not conform to the rules and regulations of jwism and there were many things I could not swallow about some of the teachings and continued to see numerous contradictions over the years, I still believed that jws were closer to the truth then any other religion.

    Even though I had my doubts and kept my distance, traveling constantly, I continued to read the literature and received all the books and attended assemblies, memorials, and “some” meetings in various congregations. It wasn’t until the late nineties that I became really disgusted and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided they were completely full of shit.

    This is a lot of life consumption that can only have an effect on someone who is under the influence. So, I count 43 years for myself.

    272 + 90 (Mr&Mrs Ozzie) + 32 (Bavman) + 8 (JH ) + 28 (done4good) + 13 (littlerockguy) = 443?? I counted 2wice and got 2 different totals.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    born in would be 45 yrs, since baptism 27 yrs. Out ...8 months. You do the math for me !

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