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  • Arthur
    Not only does this experience show how Jehovah can

    even use his animal creation to bring someone into the

    Truth, but...

    So, the message to all apostates is that if your dog starts humping your leg; it means Johoover is telling you that you're screwed.

  • parakeet

    ***Not only does this experience show how Jehovah can even use his animal creation to bring someone into the Truth, but... ***
    That dog should have his own time sheet to turn in every month. He should be rewarded with everlasting life in the new world.
    The problem with that story is that a guide dog is trained to take the owner wherever the owner wants to go, not where the dog wants to go. A dog like that would have flunked out of the training program as a puppy.

  • iamfreenow

    I've heard that story before, and marvelled at it, but now I see it through differrent eyes, there are more than a few holes in it. There is no location given, and it seems, seeing as it has "happened" in the USA as well as the UK, that more than one dog is involved. The man, and the dog, are unnamed, as is the congregation and area, all suspicious. I used to believe stories like this, but not any more. They are all too positve in favour of the JWs, and all seem to result in someone becoming a JW, very unlikely to say the least.

  • juni

    Aniron said:

    They are not passed on to another owner. As the dog is trained from young, to to be a guide with a particular person and comes to know that person only. They cannot be given to anyone else because of that, they are so used to being with a certain person and their homelife, the sound of their voice etc.

    They usually on retirement become a pet of the family

    My sister-in-law was blind. She lived in NY city and had different dogs to lead her. I don't remember how many years she had each, but they are retired after so many.

    And you are absolutely right. They are not passed on as they are trained for that specific person.

    Another warm and fuzzy lie from the WT society to "encourage" you. Seems like their stories always tug at your heartstrings and/or have humor w/them. Anyone else notice that??


  • Lilycurly

    OH!...Andre Ramseyer The name only reminds me of boring hours sitting at the conventions as a kid. When I hear that name, I hear it spoken in cheap audio all around a stadium, followed by a flock of sheep applauding as if it were a celebrity.

    And I *know* I heard that dog thing many times from him already. It always made me laugh. Would they have said the same thing if the dog brought a bro to church on Sunday morning out of habit?

  • greendawn

    Another example of the JW "refined" way of thinking finding your way to a centre of JW brainwashing that could leave someone enslaved for a lifetime.

  • Narkissos

    Did the dog raise its leg at the Watchtower study?

  • mama1119
    mama1119 crack me up on a regular basis!!!

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