Does the society keep records of all JW's past and present?

by hambeak 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    "In spite of the "fact" that they are ruling (1918) and going to rule in the future (women included) they are a non event in the congregations today."

    That gives the name of the game away why are the anointed so marginalised with just the dozen or so GB occupying centre stage? Because the GB are power lusting, power grabbing, rapacious wolves. Surely many of the anointed are better than them.

  • Fisherman

    nameless unwashed : meaning has no written record as long as that person does not get into trouble. If a person gets into trouble, thats another story.

  • muslima

    Maybe that is why dear brother secretary did not return my phone call when I asked for a copy of my disassociation letter....hmmm

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