Who went on the British Museum Trips?

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  • Moomin

    A while ago someone had put a photo on here that was taken at the British Museum. It was of something with the date of the fall of Jerusalem inprinted on it. I can't find the thread.

    I was wondering what happens then on the JW tours when they get to this part and could see the date for themselves.

    I was going to go on the trip last year but didn't in the end. At the next meeting after the trip, everyone was gushing about how encouraging it was and that lots of members of the public would tag onto the tour as they were so impressed by the jw tour guide. Has anyone experienced this themselves?


  • diamondblue1974

    I remember them as a child and I remember my feet aching because of all the walking round - bloody nightmare in my view.

    I remember also people remarking that other non JWs had tagged along to the guide and looking back I now only realise what a natural characteristic this is...I even find myself doing so at other places of interest. Hardly a good witness but human nature in my view.


  • KW13

    My mum went with her congregation...i have some pics somewhere that i got off their PC.

    but anyway, yeh they go on pre-arranged tours with a thirdparty company. they decide what will be seen, said e.t.c before hand and the dubs are given the impression its a full tour of a particular area.

  • Devilsnok
    A while ago someone had put a photo on here that was taken at the British Museum. It was of something with the date of the fall of Jerusalem inprinted on it. I can't find the thread.

    That would have been Dr.Jekyll before he was murdered by the mods

    The thread can be found here http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/10/110301/1.ashx

    Edward H

  • Zico

    Hi Moomin,

    I went on one of these tours once, but it is a massive museum, so we were never going to cover it all, I guess they just keep you away from the 586 parts.

    Lots of Non-JWs did tag along, but as has been mentioned, this is just a general thing.

  • Moomin

    Hi Edward,

    Thankyou for finding that! Shame about Dr Jekyll.

    I wonder if anyone on the tour see it properly then.


  • greendawn

    I went there long ago the Egyptian/Babylonian/Assyrian galleries. I remember they pointed out a crucifix on a pagan priest and claimed that the cross has pagan origins. But not necessarily so.

    To a Christian the cross has a very different meaning to any pagan one and their common usage was coincidental, this is a simple form.

  • Moomin

    Hi Zico,

    I imagined a jw standing in front of any exhibit that might go against their teaching and saying 'Watchtower says nooooo' - you know like that Little Britain character on the computer ('computer says noooo').

    I'd like to visit the museum soon. Hopefully the witnesses will be there. I'd probably tag along too but would worry about not getting correct information or do you think that the areas they do cover would be correct?


  • BluesBrother

    We did several of them in the '80's . Our congo was really keen on them and we have, somehere , lots of pics and videos taken of the tours. As the Secretary it often fell on me to organise the coach arrangements .

    The tours were all scripted out . The guides (pioneers who counted their time) followed the script. They varied as their personal knowlege and interest in the subject apart from what was written down for them. We certainly did the Assyrian and Babylonian tour , probably twice over. If the museum had a sign on and exhibit that showed anything different from the script, I am sure they would just have said something like "Of course we know better" and leave it at that. Anyway the group could not all get close enough to read the small information signs provided by the museum.

    As it happened, the last time we went we thought that we did catch out the guide on something he said, but we were too polite to say so in those days.

    Having said that, It was an enjoyable day, if tiring, since you seem to walk miles along the corridors of the museum. The building is a sight in itself.

    I went down year on my own for a visit. I hoped to run into the tours and ,this time, ask one or two thoughtful questions, but alas - on that day there were none to be found

  • LongHairGal

    I never went on a Society trip but I went on my own trips.

    Years ago when I went to England and did sightseeing, one of my stops was the British Museum. I was very impressed with everything I saw but especially the Egyptian exhibit. I was also awed by the gallery with the stone statues of the Assyrian or Babylonian empire, etc. I was alone in a room and it was quite spooky.


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