If you could know the answer...

by beautifulisfree 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • lonelysheep

    Why is House coming on so early now?

  • beautifulisfree

    I know it's the question that plagues mankind!

    But all I wanna know is who wrote on my couch and WHY!!!

  • lola28

    I have this one question that I could prolly get an answer for but I'm too afraid to ask........so, nm.


  • sinis

    Yea, my question is why to the Mexican bathroom (in Mexico) attendants only hand out 3 thats right 3!!!!! small squares of toilet paper, in the ineffable words of Patrick Star "Sponge Bob, I'm a big man, a VERY big man". HAHAHAHA, It must be because gringo asses are much larger

  • parakeet

    lonelysheep: ***Why is House coming on so early now?***
    Because American Idol doesn't start until January!!!

  • moshe

    Powerball numbers for next Saturday's drawing.

  • Twitch

    Will I meet my "true love"? (corny yes, but who wouldn't want to know?)

    And where will she be? (k, 2 questions but I'll settle for the first,...;-)

  • schne_belly
    But all I wanna know is who wrote on my couch and WHY!!!

    LOL!!!!! That makes two of us. I THINK I know who...but I don't know WHY.

    No, but seriously, I'd like to REALLY know what happens to us when we die. I am so confused about that.... I ponder this often. I feel like I just need to have an answer or theory.

  • skyking

    If there is other worlds that intelligent life on them

  • IP_SEC

    What will finally unify relativity & quantum theory. Are the extra dimensions of M theory real spatial dimensions or mathmatical constructs? If real how big are they?

    Pick one. Prolly the first... no that will be figured out in my lifetime. ok the second.... arrrggghhh. Your question is too hard.

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