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  • solo

    For those who have not heard of it Friends Reunited is a web site where you can look up you old schools and and see what all your old school mates are doing, you can post your own profile and let everyone else know what you are doing

    well i have checked out several schools where i know JWs went and have found several of them have posted there, some of them have also included their profile to let everyone know what they have done since leaving school, jobs, where they have moved to and if you got married and had kids.

    however, not one single one of them has stated that they are JWs??? Why? Isn't this supposed to be the most important thing in their life, would it not merit a mention, surely they are not ashamed, wouldn't it be a good opportunity to witness? These people in question are all current JWs, some elders

    I have seen my brother's post - married, kids, moved to a different part of the country, but no mention of being a JW. He even shuns his JW parents because they do not shun their non JW children so he must be a strong JW

    There are others too, this one JW even mentions that he was in the Christmas play when he was very little but not that he is a JW

    I find this really odd, anyone else know of any JW posters on FR proud enough to mention it?

  • juni

    Doesn't apply to US.

  • crazyblondeb

    I didn't see anywhere for Americans!?? Or I am having a blonde moment again?

  • juni

    No you saw right. Not for US.

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Yeah I agree. I went to a few schools so I looked them all up and because I went to school such a long time ago I was having difficulty remembering the names. I thought any JW's at the school I would pick up on because they would mention it - but no!

    Maybe they are embarrassed about it!

    I would have thought that most with a strong conviction about anything would include it in their notes.

  • Honesty

    Doesn't exactly match up with what the JW's portray themselves as does it?


    w91 7/1 p. 20 ‘Living With Jehovah’s Day Close in Mind’ ***

    FROM my earliest memory, our family life centered around a strong belief in the coming new world of righteousness.

  • sandy

    I guess it's the same type-thing as classmates.com her in the United States. I saw quite a few dubs I know and none of them mention their JW faith either.

  • Sheri


    I just had similar experience on looking on My Space at some JW's pages that I knew of and not one mentioned being a JW. Under religion one put Christian, another under books did include Bible but the book list was interesting. I found this so interesting when the articles and talks especially around assemblies is to wear those labels folks let everyone and fellow workers know you are a JW. Reason they were on My Space was to show their business opportunity and meet friends.

    Peace & Love,


  • nelly136


    there was a documentary on the 'curse of friends reunited' a whiles back, its

    got quite a reputation for being a pick up place.

  • Crumpet

    They aren't meant to use the evil internet at all are they? I've not found hardly any JW friends on there - just a couple who would have been considered weak anyway.

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