Faithful and discreet slave

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  • artcritic

    Dose anyone know what Identifies a Faithful and Discreet Slave. What are the SIGNS?


  • Arthur

    The sweet smile quickly disappears when you refuse the Kool-Aid

  • vitty

    They are just "more" spiritual than the rest of the Dubs, which looking back isnt hard. thats how it was explained to me and they really, really want to go to heaven when they die........................ummmm sounds like everyone in christendom to me.

  • Gill

    'You'll never get to heaven if you go round telling lies!' (Sung to the tune of You'll never get to heaven if you break my heart!)

    They're Faithful to the bOrg, and Discreet abouts its lies and shananigans!

  • hubert

    Check out "Captives of a Concept", by Don Cameron. He has a book on the internet.

    Not sure of his screen name, but he is here on the forum, also. I'll look for it. Here's his member page, youu can find the info for his book here, if you are interested. It's excellent, by the way.


  • Sasha

    OK I was told by witnesses since 1969 that they just "know" that they are being called for Heaven, rather than the earthly hope of other witnesses (great flock). Most are NOT virgins (like revelation says the 144,000 are.) Most are married. They don't have much on an input in materials that come out of Bethel. If they write an article, it is edited to match Watchtower specs. People I know who have known them personally, say they "just know" at some point in there JW career, that they are going to heaven. I once knew a guy they started to partake in the emblems and claimed he was one of the annointed. I thought it was weird, he was new to the group and had a nasty rep. He left the

    JW quite soon afterward.

  • parakeet

    ***Dose anyone know what Identifies a Faithful and Discreet Slave. What are the SIGNS?***

    The signs are that they have to be faithful and discreet.
    I don't know of any group that fits that description.

  • greendawn

    First of all note that unlike the jw claim, the FDS is not necessarily connected with the final days. It is the body of Christians that have developed a strong spiritual culture that have risen above the power of instinctual living to attain a profound maturity and wisdom a very difficult objective in the prevailing world conditions.

    In the JWs the FDS is supposed to be all those with a heavenly hope (around 8000 persons) but in practice it is just the GB (around 12 of that 8000) that function as the FDS since they have a strict monopoly on authority and spiritual "enlightment" and absolutely resent anyone trying to break it, be it of the "anointed" or the non anointed.

  • heathen

    As taught by the WTBTS are the 144k of Revelation , to them it's the group of christians that have been anointed with holy spirit and are in charge of preparing spiritual meals at the proper time . The publishing corporation itself takes on that role but the rest of them are still called the slave class , there's also the scripture that mentions the evil slave that they like to use against anybody that disagrees with anything ever published, IE- Ray Franz .

  • hamsterbait

    What i want what i want what i really really want -

    Is to know why if all these annointed Hoobie Doobahs are so sure they are going to heaven:

    Why did Knorr change the rules on vaccinations before his tour of Africa in the 50s. He could have died of yellow fever

    and instantly been in heaven with a crown.

    It seems that every time one of them wanted something they said the GC should not want, they

    changed the rules. Why do any of them fight so hard to stay alive for one more minute? Don't they believe the reward is there?

    A friend visited Bethel in the early 90s when Franz was dying. The old guy said he wanted to resign his post but was told to just be calm and shut up. They would deal with it.


    So why are they in no hurry to die?

    Yet they criticize other religions whose members want to stay alive one more day,

    with less of a hope then they purportedly offer.


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