Why would God want to destroy the world?

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  • DavidChristopher

    makes no sense to me,,,,,

    we have the means to accomplish that..and there are many people willing to do it too.

    Why would He want to put our necks in a noose..when we do it ourselves?

    Who could blame Him for us killing ourselves?

    The President of Iran says he is going to do it soon....Who does he think he is? God?

    I have not seen a scripture that supports that scenerio in the end.

    Has anyone else?

  • DavidChristopher

    Why would anyone waste their time killing a suicidal creation?

    What purpose would that serve?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    The President of Iran is a wacko who wants to be instrumental in ushering in the Islamic Armegeddon.

    My feeling is that God is a Creator...not a destroyer.... at the end of the day, it's His plan for Earth that will prevail....and that doesn't mean destruction.

  • Arthur

    The belief that God needs to destroy the majority mankind in order to bring a new era of purification is one of the oldest superstitions in human history. It can probably be traced back hundreds of thousands of years to when humans did not understand events such as flash floods, volcanic erruptions, and earthquakes. To the primitive, superstitious mind, it was believed that divinity was expressing his anger toward mankind for some immagined sin they had committed. This was probably why the concept of animal and human sacrafice took hold.

    These superstitions were carried forward into the first civilizations and were then put into writing. In the early, Mesopotamian mythologies, the gods were depicted as erasing a wayward human race in order to correct the world, and bring about a new, purified world which was more to the god's liking. Early mythologies are filled with tales of humans constantly frustrating the plans of the gods. These tales were later adopted into the Old Testament to explain Israel's origins and relationship to the surrounding world. Noah's flood was recorded as God cleansing the earth of humans who frustrated him, and to save the tiny number of those he found favorable. Thus, the belief was forever etched into the Biblical tradition that God must destroy most of the human race in order to save it.

    It is important to see how the early gods were depicted as beings with limited intellects, and human frailties such as jealousy, and rage. These gods, according to Sigmund Freud were merely the subconscious projections of the human psyche itself - a dualistic mind that contains love and peaceful attributes, with a jealous and angry alter-ego. Yes, these depictions found there way into the Old Testament as well.

    This concept God has been carried over into today. Many religions still believe in this big cosmic parent in the sky who bestows favors, and punishes individuals by smiting them with diseases and death.

    It is rather unfortunate that the book of Revelation was adopted into the Christian canon. It is probably one of the worst pieces of literature written in human history; not only for it's violent and sociopathic depictions God, but also for the far-reaching consequences it has had into our modern day. Look at how many irrational fundamentalist churches and cults rely on the book of Revelation for many of their twisted Ideologies.

    Unfortunately, many of us are carrying around ancient superstitious depictions of a limited and anthropomorphic God that were passed down to us by our early ancestors who didn't even know that the earth was round.

  • DavidChristopher

    Tell ya this though...put a huge thirsty bully in my backyard staring at my well...see what I do.

    I think the man is being driven by self-presavation. Just like our native Americans were.

    there is something to be said for looking ahead and focusing on long term effects.

    we didn't just ignore the bird flu, and hope it would just go away on it's own did we?

    You see a threat coming..what are YOU going to do?

    tell ya what..try googling Chief Dragging Canoe and Nancy Ward, and with the knowledge you now have of our present, and their future,and end results of their decisions..tell me if you think Chief Dragging Canoe was a insane, bloodthirsty savage, or "The Dragon" as the settlers refered to him as, and his cousin Nancy a high ranking, turncoat traitor?

    If you want to play judge...try it having all the facts in front of you. it is really cool IMO.

  • Arthur
    Why would anyone waste their time killing a suicidal creation?

    What purpose would that serve?

    You asked for our observations; and I gave you mine. If you don't like the answer; don't ask the question.

  • DavidChristopher

    Perhaps you misunderstood me, I was not condemning your opinions. I am just a debate freak.

    basically you are playing the role of prosecuter and i am playing defense attorney...the judge would be the audience..or even the jury if you will.

    you fired a accusation I believe to be in error...what should I do? nod, and bow my head and walk/run away?

    If I did...would you ever hire me to defend you?

    the winner will win the jury over.......

    Are you up for a challenge of this size...or were you just walking by and decided to throw a rock at someone thinking nobody would call you down for it?

    That is why I state my opinions...hoping to find challenges to learn from, grow from, and overcome if possible.

    I will either win or if you win I will learn something and be back on the right track.

    So how can I really lose?

    How can you?

  • Arthur

    Well, I'm not quite sure how historical facts and archeological findings can be debated. Everything that I wrote about Mesopotamian mythologies is accurate and can easily be verified with a Google search.

    I can list you at least a dozen books written by scholars of Middle Eastern religious studies as well as numerous scholars of the Old Testament. If you want my sources, you can send me a PM. If you wish to debate their findings, I suggest that you write them a letter.

    As far as what I said about the book of Revelation, I do admit that it just my opinion . . .. but an opinion that I stand by.

    I don't have the time to get into a pissing contest over this subject, nor am I even interested. I'm just not interested in wasting my time in fruitless jaw-flapping contests. When someone asks me my opinion; I give it to them. If they want to get into a debate over personal sentiments; I say no thanks; don't have the time or energy. I'm just not that interested in being "right".

    So, if you wish to chalk this up as me "bowing out" and a victory in your column; that's cool. I don't have a problem with that.

    No offense taken, and no offense intended.

  • DavidChristopher

    No problem Arthur!

    How can you condemn a person for sharing an opinion or theory with someone else to wiegh and consider if they want to join and investigate?

    Not me.

    Condemning someone else is not going to make my life or yours any better is it?

    Why waste time doing it?

  • Highlander
    Perhaps you misunderstood me, I was not condemning your opinions. I am just a debate freak.

    You may also have killed your own thread. Why would anyone want to state their opinions as Arthur did, only to be attacked by you?

    Debating can be very constructive. However I do believe Arthur summed it up correctly, when he stated he didn't want to get into a pissing contest.

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