a shout out to the New World Translation

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    I bought a book a few years ago called "How to choose a Bible version"

    It had a chart section where they compared lots of translations on lots of criteria which included, accuracy of translation, consistency of translation, ease to read, acknowledged if it was a paraphrase etc.

    NWT was listed. It scored reasonably well on consistency but pretty poorly on accuracy of translation!

    They said it merited acknowledgement for the consistent use of "Jehovah" in rendering the Divine name in the OT. But scored it "nil point" (a la Eurovision song contest, non Europeans -don't ask) for using "Jehovah" in the NT.

    They said it was fairly easy to read but was (interestingly I thought) not in anyway the best as far as ease and clarity went (try telling a JW THAT!)

    So they didn't totally trash it or ignor it. I think they scored it 4/10. I'll check when I get home.

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    We were always told how easy and modern the NWT was. I used to think it was bad, even when I was a true believer Then I bought a living bible, my eyes were opened. I actually started reading the bible for enjoyment

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    I actually liked the gideons bible but the NWT was ok for me , there's only a couple of scriptures people argue over the most first and for most is JOHN 1:1 , whether or not the greek rendering is a god or God , makes more sense to me that it says , a god than God . It works better after looking at Isaiah 9:6 which says in future tense that the king will be called Mighty God . He had not yet become a diety . Also how could the word be with God if he was God , makes no sense.

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    It would be, it contains the name jehovah in the New Testament so many times when in the original there is not one occurence. The name Jesus is far more centre stage.

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    The Watchtower will use that quote in their favor:

    One academic work on Bible translations noted that "Some translations favored by many students need to be used with caution" pointing out that some are "doctrinally oriented versions." However, they mention the New World Translation as one that "consistently [...] render[s] controversial passages". While other "translations" seek to support the beliefs of their authors, the New World Translation is recognized as 'consistent', even in "controversial passages". Surely we rejoice to have at our fingertips Jehovah's untainted words of truth!


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  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    NWT was listed. It scored reasonably well on consistency but pretty poorly on accuracy of translation!

    Should we take that to mean its consistently inaccurate then?!

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    the dreamer dreaming

    I have the BOOMERS BIBLE and it is the best (^_^)

    Our friend Harry, who lives in Rio, thy will be done, thy will is fun.

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    The Brick Testament is all I need.

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