You Canadians are all right!

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  • mjarka911

    Well, I just got back back from my first visit to Toronto and I must say, all the Canadians I met were attractive, friendly articulate inviduals.

    As for the sights: I had a great time visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame, CN Tower, Casa Loma, Kensington Market, Cafe Diplamattico, the Harborfront and that beautiful bar at the top of the Park Hyatt with the beautiful view of the night skyline. You Ontarians know how to do it up right!

  • mouthy

    Well you were right next door & didnt drop in ----I am hurt

  • sammielee24

    Glad you had a good time MJ. How did Kensington look? Haven't wandered around down there for ages...the last time I was there it was on one of the hottest, most humid days in Toronto and packed full of people. One of the guys unloading a basket of live crab from the back of a truck, dropped it and the little critters were running all over - all the while the guy was screaming at everyone to step back from his crabs! sammieswife.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Toronto? That's all you saw?

    The rest of Canada will blow your mind. So make sure you come back, eh?

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    The rest of Canada will blow your mind.

    I've been on motorcycle trips all across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. I even took a trip to Churchill to watch the polar bears (not on my bike) one fall. Canada is an wonderful country.

  • solo

    Canada is a fantastic country, I go there every year. The people are so UNBELIEVABLY friendly, kind and helpful that when i return to the UK it is a real shock to the system. Or maybe British people are just really grumpy. We go to Banff in the Rockies in winter time, you just have to experience a proper winter with deep, deep snow and temperatures of -20, we don't get decent winters here any more.

    the peace and tranquility is just the tonic i need after a year of mayhem and stress and hard work. We take our flask of hot chocolate and go for a hike up one of the smaller mountains - you do not see a soul and the scenery is totally breathtaking - sorry, awesome!

    I'm looking forward to coming over for xmas again this year . .

  • mjarka911

    I also would love to trek to yellow knife and the Yukon to see the Northern lights. Has anyone ever done that?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have driven fom Montreal to Cape Breton (East Cost) and the scenery in Cape Breton was unbelievale.

    I've also driven from Montreal to Winnipeg. What amazed me is the huge tracts of untouched land. Hundreds and thousands of miles/kilometers of nothing but wilderness forests. The majority of Canadians live along the US border. The rest is untouched.

    5 years ago I drove along Vancouver Island's Pacific Coast - from mountains to a rainforest that I never even knew Canada had

    I often wonder if driving in Great Britian or Europe is one town after another with a few farms thrown in.

    From what I have read Australia's population is mostly on the ocean with little in the central area

  • Finally-Free

    Glad you liked Toronto. I don't know how long you were here for - the weather this weekend wasn't the greatest. On a clear day the view from the CN Tower is great.


  • orangefatcat

    I know that Canada is the best Country in the world to live in. Not just because of the beauty and majesty of our land but he people are wonderful. The cities are so clean and in Canada's capital city in Ottawa is gorgeous. I stayed in the Holiday in just below the Parliment buildings and you can see the beautiful surrounding and the river. This city is claimed to be the most cleanest city in Canada.

    I am sad to say that I haven't been out west to the Rockies or North to the grand forests and lakes that are so full of the biggest fish you have seen. I would like to go to the Yukon and Alaska,

    Of course I am perhaps being a little biased because I am a Canadain. I urge any of you who have the means to visit our grand Country.

    If you need a guide I will be happy to come with you, you can put me in a trunk of the car and I won't be a bother.

    all my love


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