Did you,or anyone in your Hall come to Meeting Drunk?Anything funny happen?

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  • looking_glass

    There was an elder who use to mask the smell of alcohol b/f he went to the hall w/ the smell of really strong ONIONS. Talk about wanting to remove your nasal passages. YIKES. There was also the wife of a guy who was CREEPY. He was a long time JW, married and divorced (and in turn DF'd) so many times people stopped counting. His last wife was a raging alcoholic. Initially when she started going to the hall, I went to the hall BS w/ her. They use to call on her all the time because her hand was constantly raised. She would ramble and the only thing we could make out was that "Jah was wonderful, just wonderful". Eventually everyone wised up and stopped calling on her. Her son was a huge drug addict and he also started going to the hall and he insisted also on answering which also consisted on mumbles that no one could work out.

  • Sweetp0985
    I was in one congregation where a brother and sister were dealing drugs out of the restrooms...............


  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Which CO had to step down due to alcoholism?

    im intrigued

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