Got my copies of the latest magazines - what crapola!

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    One of my freinds at the local coffee shop was given a set of the latest magazines. [That whole thing was kind of curious too - this elder made sure he came there on a day he knows I am not there to leave the mags - I think dubs believe that a couple of mags will undue all the apostate damage I do in there - LOL]

    Anyway - when I came in she showed them to me - I glanced thru them. The heading on the WT [I think] was something like "Who will inherit peace on earth?"

    I reviewed the leading articles that dealt with it - though they made some superficial efforts to destroy the idea of heavenly paradise, they never answered the question on the front of the magazine. It was just a carrot that lead to the final paragragh suggestion that to find out more one should contact the witlesses for answers. How crass! To draw someone in like that and then leave them hang without an answer of any sort to the original question.

    I regret that I was ever part of such deception - of course I was decieved right along with those I was decieving.

    I handed the mags back to the gal who showed them to me - she prompty dumped them in the trash receptacle.


  • Gill

    In the bin where they belong. No harm done!

    I find that the mags nowadays actually 'say' very little. It's more a wash of warm words that have no meaning.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I get the opportunity to "see" the latest mags at work, a jw works in our area, and puts them in all the waiting rooms (I work in the admin section of a hospital).

    They disappear quite quickly, and she thinks of them as placements. What she doesn't know is that I plcae them for her - in the rubbish bins.I think that people feel depressed enough having to come to hospital, without being made to feel worse seeing that crap. I never give the covers a second glance.

  • KW13

    i know what ya mean ak-jeff, they can ramble on for ages and not actually answer your question, but from most articles regarding a hope you get the main points, churches e.t.c are wrong, witnesses are right and are the only way to salvation - all without saying it directly.

  • The Latest
    The Latest

    Lastest Awake! Dealing with blood!

  • The Latest
    The Latest

    The Watchtower Society is just like the rabbit from that cereal Trix! Tricks are for kids, Watchtower Society! The blood issue in their lit. is nothing more then the same ole mumbo jumbo they've used for years! I've got lots of new stuff to scan!

  • mouthy

    I handed the mags back to the gal who showed them to me - she prompty dumped them in the trash receptacle.


    WHEW!!! thank God for that. I hope she tore them up first.Else at the next meeting they will tell the "story" of how a patient was sitting there & being bored picked it out of the garbage & lo & behold called the address on the back of the mag.....Is now a faithful follower of JAH!
    I remember them telling the tale of the brother that swam across a crocdile river to get to an assembly !!!! Then what about the husband & wife that was arguing in their 10 floor apartment & the husband threw the truth book out the window in rage & it hit some one on the head who was looking for truth ------- They said she found it. !!!!!! ( I say it was a bump on a log)

  • Justice-One
    In the bin where they belong. No harm done!

    Waste not want not. Personally I put the wifes old magazines to good use. In my JASBORR (Justices Amazing Secret Bunker Of Redundant Redundancy) I have several boxes of this worthless paper. After all, we may not always have toilet paper, and then this stuff will finally have value.

  • Outaservice

    Now, now, now. You should view them as a letter from Jehovah and thank him immediately when you get one!

    I actually heard that in an assembly talk some time back...............ha, ha

    Outaservice (who has stopped his mail for a few millenniums )

  • mama1119

    It always creeps me out too when I see them. I can't believe I used to fall for that stuff. I can't believe othe people still do.

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