Are those claiming to be annointed, nutters?

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  • sspo

    Last congr. I was in, the one lady that claimed to be anointed was hardly at meeting, you would see her once every couple a weeks and it was not because she was old, she had other things to do but according to the GB she will be a king ruling over the earth and greater than all the angels.

    She just died in a head on collision.

  • Honesty

    One of my ex SIL's started 'partaking' in 2004.

    She was born in the 1960's.

    Never been married.

    Always lived with parents or they lived with her.

    Pioneer for almost 20 years.

    A really sweet woman.... until she sees me in public:


    w94 7/1 p. 12 par. 14 At Which Table Are You Feeding? ***

    To what have the apostates returned? In many cases, they have reentered the darkness of Christendom and its doctrines, such as the belief that all Christians go to heaven.

  • jgnat

    I think part of the problem lays with the JW version, where there is an implied priveledge and reward associated with anointing. For a regular Christian, the reward is God's presence guiding and directing our lives. Also, there is no distinction. This gift is free for all who call on His name. For a JW, there's a separate destination. For a JW it means they will be eternally separated from their loved-ones in heaven.

    I don't think it is at all easy for a JW to claim anointing these days, nor is there much reward. Likely the person WILL be viewed as nutters by the rest of the congregation, and the elders, a threat.

  • target

    A friend of mine who came into the cult with me in 1972 became one of the annointed. She is around 60 now. A woman in her 40s in our last congregation says she is annointed. They are both very disfuntional and medicated. Their families are all screwed up too.

    One in a neighboring congregation only attends the Memorial, no other meetings.

    When I was first studying, there was an elderly man who was annointed and he was very nice and kind. that was 35 years ago so I imagine he is up there kicking back waiting for the action to begin.


  • jaguarbass

    Most of the ones I knew back in the 70's were certifiably nuts.

  • restrangled

    My Cousin's Great Grandmother was of the "Anointed"...if any one was this lady was truly it.

    She use to take all of us to go pick berries for pies. She was the most loving, sweetest person you would ever want to meet. These berry picking sessions were before I hit my teens and she was well into her 80's. I am now 47 so someone else do the math.

    To this day, despite all, If anyone was going to heaven, this woman was. Absolutley oppisite of today's type witness.

    Was she a nutter, absolutely not. She was lucid into her 90's and stayed just as sweet and loving as I have mentioned until she died.

    She gave my mom a small sprig of a black walnut tree to plant in chicago. We planted it 35 or so years ago. My mom was told that tree is was extremely valuable. Of course the house has since been sold and I hope they have kept that tree.


  • cruzanheart

    My dad said that he became "anointed" in 1968. He was not a nutter or bigheaded at all. He was very sincere in what he believed and the only way you could tell he was "anointed" was that his talks had a greater depth of feeling and understanding than the other elders. I do wonder, in my more Biblical moments, if that does indicate that heaven is a more realistic view of the afterlife than "sleeping in the grave" until Armageddon is over. Most of the time I just don't worry about it either way.

    I did know some "anointed" ones who were nutters but most of them were the old ones who called Fred Franz "Freddie," argued with him about what was written in the Watchtower, and were generally decent people who studied the Bible a lot and believed it most sincerely.


  • moomanchu

    Yes if they are JW.

    No if they are christians.

    Anyone who is a christian must be born again.

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