I send a homeless fellow human being to JW's

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  • spiceant

    I am serious about this, i new met a man twice who moved to holland probably in the week of the 22nd June and in total i gave him enough money for about 10 days of shelter. Now the thing is tomorrow at 5:30 PM he will probably show up at the kingdom hall where i also go to in the high hopes of finding a helpfull Jehovahs Witness. Now i didnt invite him to my own home because my parents are no religious people or as remotely altruistic as i am. I also dont own my home, i live with my parents.

    I invited him to come over, but i am not sure he may get help. Now i dont expect that you will say he will, but i need some help to give him enough help at the KH. I have a lot of confidence in the chance of any succes at my local KH... but im not sure and thats why i didnt tell him about them the 1st time i met him. I met him for the 2nd time 2 days ago when i came back from a congegration.

    I believe the homeless person i mentioned to be quite friendly (But i suspect my generousity has something to do with it), having moved to Holland about 6 weeks ago (from i believe some islamic country) and being somewhat disappointed at this modern litle country. I mentioned my belief that apathy has grown its roots over here too.

    What do i do?

  • avengers

    Hello Spiceant.

    I don't know if you realize that this forum consists mostly of ex-JW's.

    Sounding from your posts it seems you are a JW.

    Why else would you send someone to the JW's?

    Is the homeless person here illegally?

    If he is here legally then there is no reason to be homeless. He can get benefits.

    Please elaborate. I live in the Netherlands and if you need any help or info; pm me.


    tomorrow at 5:30 PM he will probably show up at the kingdom hall where i also go to in the high hopes of finding a helpfull Jehovahs Witness
  • spiceant

    i live in the city of groningen edit I am not officially a JW, i associate with them altough i can agree with a lot of there non-"discreet/faithfull slave" teachings the homeless person is here legally, has been for 6 weeks

  • Dansk

    In the words of the British Fire Service (when there's a fire):



  • Gill

    I concur with Dansk!

    JWs also don't do charity or help eachother, unless absolutely essential to their self image. Why did you think a JW would help someone?

  • fullofdoubtnow


    The only "help" jws want to give anyone is how to become a jw. They are not charitable people, the best offer they will have for this man is a bible study. If he doesn't want that, then he is wasting his time going to them for help.

  • mama1119

    I agree, they are not going to give him any kind of charity or shelter. They will however try to start a study with him, and encourage him to come to the hall again. He would be an ideal target for them.

  • parakeet

    DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE CONTACT WITH HIM ON YOUR OWN. This man is a stranger and could be dangerous.
    Call the authorities and tell them about this man. If he's legit, they will find shelter for him.

  • moshe

    Too often the rescuer ends up becoming the victim in the end. While you may believe he is in your country legally, you have no means to verify it. I agree that's it's best to let the authorities and registered social agencies handle this case. Personally, I think you haven't gotten the true story from this guy.

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