Has Your Fashion Sense Changed Since You Were a Dub?????

by mama1119 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • GentlyFeral



    Hey, my daughter-in-law was wearing her hair that way for a while. She's trying to dreadlock it now.

    Me, I'm just happy now that I can wear tie-dye harem pants in public.

    Oh, and I just bought this: Sharif multi-colored purse, bought for 50% or maybe only 30% of retail


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    other than wearing pants most of the time???

    I still dress fairly conservative. When I have gone to meetings (4 in the last 20 years) I just wore my regular clothes. I blend in fairly well.

    although.... the last couple of dresses I bought are longer than anything I ever wore as a JW - down to my ankles instead of mid-calf

    I prefer clothes that can be worn a long time - never been into style fads

  • mouthy

    WELL if I WAS 50 YEARS YOUNGER---- I would have cast my eyes on you bud!!!!

    Bet a lot of hearts has been broken on your way out Smile

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