JW and the Year 0

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  • VM44

    Wasn't there a chronological chart that Russell sold through the Watchtower that he wanted people to put up on the living room's walls. That way, when people came over to visit they would ask "What is that?" and then they would be told about Russell's chronology and the Divine Plan of the Ages.

    The visitors would probably regret that they even asked the question in the first place about the chart!

    To hang any charts of this kind in a person's living room would be a sure sign of being somewhat of a kook!


  • VM44

    Here it is. From the Watchtower, JULY, 1886. NO. 11.


    We present to each of our readers with this issue, a "Chart of the Ages," (unfortunately printed June, instead of July supplement) with the suggestion that you hang it in some convenient place where it will be often in your sight; that its diagram of the narrow way to life, may be a constant and helpful reminder to you of the way our Leader trod; that thereby you may be enabled to make your calling and election sure.

    We hope too, that you will so place it, that it will be an object of interest to all who may visit you, and that you will so familiarize yourself with it as to be able to explain its teachings to them; thus each reader will be a preacher of the "narrow way to life" --to Glory, Honor and Immortality, so soon to close; and also of the plan of God for the world's salvation, which is only just beginning. May God make you able ministers of his word.

    The Chart should have your careful attention and study for at least one month: for this reason, and to allow needed time for other parts of the service, this paper and chart supplement will constitute the July and August issue. Therefore you may expect nothing more until September.

    Subscribers living in this city (Pittsburgh) will please call for their charts at the office, and thus save postage.

    Failure to receive your chart (or at any time, your paper) should be reported at once.

  • GermanXJW

    This is the original chart of the ages:


  • VM44

    Thank you GermanXJW for finding and posting the original chart.

    "The Chart should have your careful attention and study for at least one month"

    I shall now spend the next month studying it in detail....hehehe....or perhaps I won't! :)

    It is useful to have these things to show what was being presented as "present truth" over 100 years ago.


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