Syd's Dead

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  • Shining One
    Shining One

    I found out a few days ago. What a sad story and short life for a man who was far ahead of his time in rock and roll....I hope you are in a better place now. Goodby Syd. The lyrics from an album called "Saucerful of Secrets", the tune is titled below:
    Jugband Blues
    It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here
    And I'm much obliged to you for making it clear That I'm not here.
    And I never knew the moon could be so big
    And I never knew the moon could be so blue
    And I'm grateful that you threw away my old shoes
    And brought me here instead dressed in red
    And I'm wondering who could be writing this song.
    I don't care if the sun don't shine
    And I don't care if nothing is mine
    And I don't care if I'm nervous with you
    I'll do my loving in the winter.
    And the sea isn't green
    And I love the queen
    And what exactly is a dream
    And what exactly is a joke.

  • under_believer

    Dude Rex what is wild about that is that several threads about it were made at the time, and several people were wondering if you had noticed. But you never answered, and it's funny to know that you just now are finding out. :)

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Hi U.B.,
    I found out just recently and had not been online for a good many days. I missed the threads completely. Syd has been an ever present figure in my musical life for almost thirty years. I am thinking about discarding the icon picture I use out of respect. Thanks.

  • under_believer

    That is an excellent idea. Changing your longtime avatar out of respect. You could switch to a diamond...
    In any case, I too was sad the day the music died. Sid had been killing me softly for so long, so long. What a tragic, fascinating life. Would that he could have found redemption in love, sobriety, and even religion, like Johnny Cash.
    Can you imagine composing and being in the process of recording Shine On You Crazy Diamond... and Syd Barret, whom you haven't seen for years, walks in: Fat, eyebrowless... and sits there listening to you sing about him? How could you continue? Every time I hear that story it gives me goosebumps. The wall's Pink IS Syd.

  • DanTheMan

    So, did he go to the "smoking section"?

  • Shining One
  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Yes, it would be a strange, surreal experience. My favorite member of the band is David Gilmour. My oldest son plays some of their music on his various guitars. I like to sing the Gilmour parts though my son can carry the higher range lyrics easier than I. My vocal cords are 25 years (lots of whiskey and smoke for a few years) older.
    I got to see 'Floyd three times and a great tribute band, Aussie Floyd late last year.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Shining One,

    I get the impression you've had some interesting experiences with Syd, but reviewing your past topics, I was unable to find a related thread. Would you mind giving us a quick synopsis?

  • jrjr4189
    I got to see 'Floyd three times and a great tribute band, Aussie Floyd late last year.

    I missed them in 94 because my parents thought i was a little too young for Floyd concert (whatever). However, I saw David Gilmour at Radio City Music Hall in April and it was amazing. It was very surreal because he is my favorite artist of all time right beside Liz Phair.

  • littlemike

    Wow this is spooky I am almost a Floyd fanatic come on the JW site and your talking Floyd.

    Amazingly I have been reading a new fantastic 300 page book tonight which I ordered from America about the Wall called Comfortably Numb

    My favourite is Roger Waters who after all wrote nearly all of it and I saw him in Hyde Park London in July and I saw David Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall in May. Both were fantastic but Roger was out of this world. I also saw the original Wall shows in 1980

    Anyway RIP Syd.

    Will he get a resurecction!!!!

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