Do you believe the Ark of the Covenant still exists (or ever existed)?

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  • gumby
    I guess if a cleaning lady dusted off the ark she would get something pretty minor

    To the contrary you hater of Jehovah! Ladies were not allowed to even go near the sacred Ark....let alone some lowlife white trash heathen cleaning woman.

    I wonder if poor Uzzah will even be resurrected since Jehovah incinerated his ass in a cremation-like style? Poor bastard.....he felt the Ark was so sacred he did his best to save it in a moment of weakness and Jehovah still killed em. I figure I ain't got a chance even if I help clean the kingdom hall once in awhile. I wonder if I gave mouth to mouth medical aid to brother greenlees if Jehovah woulda killed me for touching something so sacred?


  • KW13

    well gumby's ain't human are maybe you'd be alright?

  • gumby
    well gumby's ain't human are maybe you'd be alright?

    KW13, I guarantee ya, if Gumby the green rubberman woulda been the one in Uzzah's place and would reached around there to steady the Ark when it was about to touch unclean soil by tipping sideways......Jehovah woulda twisted my arse in so many ways, then melted me down to a ball of solid green high density rubber in the shape of a ball, and some Israelite canine woulda been chompin on me arse for weeks! Gumbyun-exempt.

  • KW13


    ah well, maybe mary could because she has a beard?

  • heathen

    I think the WTBTS said it disapeared some time prior to the Roman invasion around 200 bc .Revelation says it is now in the temple sactuary in the city of new jerusalem or kingdom of the heavens . I don't believe it will ever be found on earth . I've seen those shows that say it's in ethiopia yet nobody is allowed to examine it or even see it , I guess because their eyes will melt or something , just sounds silly to me .

  • Mary
    KW13 bravely said: ah well, maybe mary could because she has a beard?

    Ah, Bite me

  • KW13

    lol, no its ok

  • Freud

    I think that the Hebrews may have constructed an ark (vessel), and they may have put precious (To them) articles in it. I bet the hype built around such an item contributed to it's folklore and legendary status. As far as it having supernatural powers, I remain skeptical. It's amazing how much Jewish culture was adapted from their captors, this ark thing being a perfect example.

  • serendipity

    Welcome freud!

  • mkr32208

    Maybe one of the actual scholars could comment on this but doesn't it kind of sound like Pandora's box too?

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