Did 9-11 Change Your Life?

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  • CordyC

    You bet 9/11 affected my life. I work and live in NYC, but not at all close to where the WTC once stood. I realized after that event that if there was a God, he didn't care. I then started to realize just how important my friends are to me and how I had to try and spend as much time with them as possible because you never know. I then started questioning my beliefs in the JW religion.

    Do you know one of the elder's wives said that she though the planes were actually controlled by demons and that she believed they were targeting the WT buildings but then the planes were deflected by Jah's power and into the WTC- Crazy, huh? That comment upset me too, to trivialize all those deaths.

    I really do think I am on the way to becoming an atheist.

    But my heart and soul and innocence were destroyed that day and though time heals things, the fear still comes into mind occassionally.



    9-11 made me realize the failure of the US government, both Democrat & Republican controlled, to do the basic requirement of government, to "protect the general welfare." The Clinton administration had Osama bin Laden in hand, yet refused to bring him in. The Clinton administration criminally prosecuted...PROSECUTED...the perpetrators of the first WTC bombings! The Clinton administration had no clue about radical Islam. The Bush administration dropped the ball too. The evidence is clear that they knew something was up, but didn't follow through.

    I think that most Americans have slipped back into a pre-9/11 mentality. Unfortunately, the only thing that will shock them out of this is another attack on the U.S.

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