Hello. Welcome me! Welcome me!

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  • raylo

    Well thank you, thank you

    raylo humbly bows at all of the welcomes

  • jgnat

    What a treat you are! You have a rare insight in to people and hall dynamics. You remind me of another veteran poster on this board. Can you guess which one? Here are my favorite parts:

    I literally wanted to see if people really had to be moved by holy spirit in order to be baptized, and if the elders are supposed to be guided by this spirit if they could tell if someone got baptized for the hell of it...so one day before the assembly I announced that I wanted to be baptized and those elders scrambled together to interview me into the late hours of the night just to have me baptized.

    This sounds like something I would do. Watch them fall all over themselves for a sham.

    to prove a point that you don't have to genuinely be repentent to get reinstated...I went to all of the meetings, NOTHING ELSE. No personal study, no anything.....all I did was sit in the library with the guy and girl who got booted the week after I did. After the meetings I would talk to another sis who had been DF'ed for YEARS right in front of the elders.
    So after reinstatement a line of people formed to come welcome me back and give me a hug....... I simply stated " If you ignored me, diverted your eye contact, and couldn't talk to me for 2 years...don't talk to me now"......... and I left.
    ...now I say whatever and she accepts that I have my own mind. Of course she asks if I go to the hall here, or asks if I will come back..or if we're in conversation she brings up the 'friends'. I actually now promptly say.. "I'm not thinking about those people" and she leaves it be..

    Wow, it seems your mom had a revelation of her own. If she ever wanted to have a relationship with ANY of her daughters, SHE would have to adjust. This is normal development out here in the big, bad world, but it's a rare maturity in a Witness parent. You come from good genes.

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    Welcome to the board!

  • codeblue


    This is a great place for healing your spiritually abused wounds.


  • done4good

    Welcome, Raylo!


  • Cellist

    Hello Raylo. Welcome!!!!


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Welcome, Raylo, nice to meet ya!!!


  • raylo

    i could not log on for the past 2 days, but here it is: well thanks everyone for the welcome!!

    jgnat.. I truly was quite amused seeing if I could "test out" the human v/s the spirit aspects of the leaders in the organization. From where I sat, I saw more human and spirit. I myself never ever had any inclination to have that religion in my heart.. I was just...there to be there. I simply told my mother, I was there "because you wanted me to be"..but enough was enough. I had no problem not coming back, though no one there personally never did anything to me. I've always thought the JW religion was BS since I was 5 years old..lol. I'll have to admit that I'm fortunate that mother still recognizes that her fleshly family holds stronger ties. She speaks to my sister and myself 98% more than she talks to the ppl in the KH.

    anywho....again....THANKS FOR THE WELCOME!

    I'm sure I'll be heard from again..lol


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    Welcome raylo !

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