Instead of going to the assembly.....

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  • gymbob

    I had a period of about 18 months after I DA'd and quit service, meetings, etc. also lost my wife, friends, house....... all the stuff that happens when you leave, and found myself with lots of time! So I started doing more reading, coaching kids sports, I like my job so did some extra work ($$) too. Now, life is great, much more balanced. Also I feel i'm giving something back to my community.

    The witness life keeps you so busy that life cannot be enjoyed. In fact, I remember it being said from the platform once, "If you're enjoying life now with few problems, you're doing something WRONG".

    No wonder JW's are so screwed-up.....GYMBB

  • Warlock

    I would rather do nothing.


  • schne_belly

    I now enjoy the fact that I can love life and finally love MYSELF! That is the biggest bonus!!!!

    Instead of being dragged into "the second school" on Thursday nights, to be criticized for my attire, or so my husband can be downgraded for voicing his opinion we spend time at home together , or with friends and family. A much better way to spend my time than being told I'm not good enough.

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