Bronchitis and the thoughts of a gal on

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  • arrowstar

    Take it and run with it, dear. Make it yours.


  • okie46

    Sparky, my life has been so wierd and painful, friends tell me I could be on Oprah or Maury Povich or something! But I am also scared of totally revealing my identity. Tell me more about it and I will think about it.
    I really have to go to bed now, I keep saying that, but I better. Talk to you more tomorrow.

  • Sparkplug

    Oh Hal...

    But massage seems to be a help.....

    Does a 6 year old walking on the back help. I am all out of massage partners. I gave it up for the shits and grins of it! lol I think that is sarcasm.

    I don't fully get what you are saying about the discussions, but I can tell you things like that I will ponder on until I figure it out. I am silly that way.

    Arrow BABY!! Am I running with scissors or pizza? Huh?

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