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  • Seeker4

    I thought we've had a bunch of posts on this, and the big announcemnt is the special tract work. Copies of the tract have already been posted here.

    As usual, the "Big Announcment" was nothing.


  • JH

    Ever since I became a JW 18 years ago, never did a big announcement or new light change anything.

  • Finally-Free

    If there was any big announcement it would have been leaked here by now. If for no other reason, it would have been leaked just to show that "apostates" can get the "spiritual food" before the "proper time".


  • candidlynuts

    my guess had been that they were going to shut down brooklyn bethel..liquidate their real estate assets in brooklyn and move headquarters to the patterson complex.....

    but i guess its just the stupid tract. lol

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Big JW Announcement:
    The End is Nigh!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    There seems to be 'increased activity' around the hall I used to attend in recent days and weeks. I suspect though, based on empirical evidence that it was just associated with the visit of the CO, whom I have concluded may have graced the brethren this past week.

    I assume that the 'big announcement' nothing more than some more scare tactics to get the level of service up before the end of the service year rolls around this week. Dubs run scared, especially the 'inactive' ones, that Big A is going to get underway and they have not been in service or to all the meetings. The innuendo at the DC's, coupled with the Special tract work, and the secrecy of some 'important' announcement all leads one to that conclusion.

    By getting these weak and inactive ones out in service in August it will lead the numbers up for the service year. If, let's say, 5 weak ones get reactive B4 the end of SY in each congregation - that is a bunch. There are what 90,000 congs? So they could conceivably move the numbers up by 400,000 or 500,000 and make the reports look better. Then all the more better if some of them stay 'active' due to the trackwork etc.

    Just a pet theory of mine, based on the number worship this cult offers to the masses of robots.


  • truthseeker

    If there IS a big announcement, I doubt if it's connected to the new campaign (KN # 37 False Religions End Is Near) or the KM changes in the Revelation book.

    To my mind, it's not that Big of an issue to the dubs - they don't care what changes are made unless they're thinking.

    The campaign is just another here today, gone tomorrow.

    Comments from E-watchman's forum suggest that whatever announcement is to be made next month will be SHOCKING.

    We shall have to wait and see.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Comments from E-watchman's forum suggest that whatever announcement is to be made next month will be SHOCKING.

    We shall have to wait and see.

    So does e-watchman have an inside line on this - or is it just empty postulation?


    Edited to add; I see upon re-reading your post that you are referring to e-watchman's forum. So the scuttlebutt is just coming from some online posters on e-watchman. Is that the source of all this tallk?

  • daniel-p

    I don't know how the rumor got out that the elders know something, but one thing should be clear: the elders know very little, as they are part and parcel of the masses of peons the Society controls. When you are at Bethel, there is a distinct seperation of brothers on the "outside," and those on the "inside." That is why I say the only ones who would know anything are at Bethel, and they don't tolerate leaks of any magnitude, not without reassigning the brother who flapped his jaw to the wrong person and implementing damage control.

    I feel we are all wasting our time here with this speculation. Let me use a famous WT quote: "We are wise not to speculate...."

  • Gill

    I think Metatron's thread is the clue.

    All is run on finances.

    Possibly the book publishing company will separate from the religion.

    The pubs will pay full price for the books, mags etc including taxes.

    The pubs will be expected to continue their contributions for the halls and the World Wide Work.

    Generally the pubs will be ripped off left right and centre.

    I don't think they're going to like it at all.

    But that's just what I suspect from this thread.

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