Most people are burned out on all organized religions

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  • yucca

    calvary chapel churchs which started in Ca. by Chuck Smith about 35 yrs ago is growing and spreading across the country because they are not into religion but into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They also go thru the scriptures chapter by chapter verse by verse. They also have churchs in Russia and other countries. They teach the truth .I never understood the Bible until I found them.One of the first things I heard from them was just because a person has a bible in their hand and goes to church every sunday does not make him a christian. They want you to question them not like some leaders of churchs. So if you truly want Bible knowledge I suggest you look for a calvary chapel church on line for one close to you.

  • Swan

    I don't find this is the case in my area. I see churches popping up everywhere. Several of the public schools hold church services on Sunday for new churches I have never heard of before.

    In 1991 when I moved into my home, there was just a small church about a quarter mile from my place. It was just a dinky little building and it kind looked like a very small kingdom hall. Now the old building is some sort of church services center, and the main church has moved into a huge Costo-like box that they built behind it. Every Sunday at noon it is a madhouse out at the main road as all of those people try to leave.

    Also, there is now a Mormon church in my neighborhood which wasn't there before (interestingly, the street behind it is named Cultus, French for cult). The Mormon church just cut down a bunch of beautiful fir trees to expand their parking lot.

    There are two new churches going in up the hill as well. One of them is huge! It looks like they are building a Wal-Mart.


  • jgnat
    and it is nice to know it happens to everyone

    As a bit of a statistics freak, I have a problem with "most people" and "everyone" if you haven't verified or quantified. Here's some Barna statistics on church attendance, based on more than hearsay.

    As I've said before, I fully understand why ex-JW's would be burned out from any kind of organized religion. For me, having never bought in to the "program", I still get a lot of benefit from my church community. They are nice folks. They pray for me when things go bad. I get to hang out with my favorite little people in Sunday School, and it's a good excuse to visit with my son every week.

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