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  • respectful_observer
    Then how do you counter high profile WTS presence and misinformation?

    They could just do exactly what the JWs are doing-- set up a sign and cart right next to them with their own literature and allow people to browse/approach/ask questions.

    All that loudspeaker stuff just makes them look a little looney to everyone else on the street. It may prevent people from approaching the JW cart, but it reinforces the JW's persecution complex more than anything else could, aside from arrest or a mob beating.

  • FayeDunaway

    I remember protesters outside our district convention with signs. You had to walk by them. I remember saying to myself 'look down, and don't read the words. Don't read the words don't read the words!'

    funny to end up here now and realize it for what it was.

  • BluesBrother

    I hope they got away with their demo.....although I agree that it would be counterproductive . I say I I I say what I did because of this news story that appeared a while back.

    "U K Minor Faces Charges for Calling Scientology a Cult At Protest"


    Over here, you cannot lawfully call a cult "a cult" anymore !

  • cleanideas
    Protesters to JW's will not necessarily fuel some kind of persecution complex. I was a ministerial servant, pioneer, and went to Bethel. I saw all kinds of "apostate protesters" in my time. They didn't entrench me further into the religion, honestly it made me curious to learn more about apostates because at the time I honestly believed I had the truth and I wanted to learn why they didn't want to be JW's anymore so I could help them. Of course once you start to research it all it's painfully obvious you have been lied to, and now I am grateful for all the protesters as they helped me find freedom.
  • stuckinarut2

    I like respectful_observers idea as above!

    Make up a similar looking cart and sign...and literature, and position it directly alongside them.

    Dress well, be dignified and calm.

    That is no different to rival brands having shops or shelves next to each other. Eg coke vs Pepsi on the supermarket shelves....

    Let the "religious consumer" choose his product!

  • smiddy

    I agree that the use of loudspeakers is counter productive for the" witnesses" validating their sense of persecution , however it could serve to put off someone who may be sympathetic to JW`s at their door .

    No way would they want to be subject to that type of behaviour .

    A pity their is not a u-tube of the event .


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