Does anyone know what to do when a dog attacks?

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  • earthtone

    Guy's how can you say this about ALL pitbulls. I don't have one, in fact I had a fear of them until a friend of mines got one and they are so sweet. Pitbull use to be known for being family dogs until they got breeded for their aggresiveness. If you go through a good breeder, they will breed their dog with only other dog's of good temperment. It's because of a few bad incident's that ALL pitbulls get a bad wrap! This is so sad, if you could see them with children and how loving the majority of them are you would not believe the hype.

    I also have what is considered an aggressive dog. She's an akita and is a sweetheart. Kid's love her and she loves them. My little brother and nephew were just here this past weekend and they wore her out playing. Because she is so big, I would always supervise play time. In fact I would say alot of dogs are provoked by children who don't know any better. Several times I had to tell my brother and nephew to stop jumping on her, so as not to irritate her.

    For the most part with other dogs she is okay. She times she doesn't like a dog and will bark at them, but that is the minority not the majority of the time. I would say 80 percent of they time they are barking at her and she is whimpering because she wanted to play with them.

  • monkeyshine

    I'm no expert but I've had pit bulls before and the one thing I always knew is if YOU are the aggressor, the dog gets confused. If you attack the dog it will most of the time back down because you are a bigger animal.

    It's like when you see the videos of a bird chasing a lion or something. The bird is the aggressor and the lion doesn't want to fight, but just simply do ALL the attacking.

    Now nothing is fool proof, of course, but it always worked for me even though I was usually pretty scared.

  • mkr32208
    She's an akita and is a sweetheart

    I had a nice sweet akita too... Best dog I ever had until it tore half my daughters face off for no reason. (I was sitting right there, there was NO provication) Don't believe the hype ALL dogs are dangerous but some breeds are WORSE! No matter what your told or what you believe about YOUR dog!

  • earthtone

    Thaks for the words of caution Mkr.

    I never said it couldn't happened but alot of times kids DO, provoke the dog. And I'm not saying YOURS did. Regardless of how sweet I think she is, she is still an animal. She does not reason like we do. So I would NEVER put anything past her, but I won't lump all dogs together because of what a few do. And I do appreciate your counsel Mkr. It reminds me to remember what I just wrote.

    How old was your akita when this happened? I noticed you have two little girls. Do you think your akita was jealous? I do worry about how she will react to a baby that is a permnant fixture in the house and that get's more attention than her.

    Had she been trained? I ask this because I'm thinking of taking her back for more training, just to stay on top of things. I'm kinda of a pushover and I know I must always remain alpha with this breed.

  • mkr32208

    She was very young I think she was about 9 or 10 months. Up to that point she and the dog had gotten along famously no problems at all. We read a LOT about how to introduce the two of them and were very careful and they were always supervised. The vet said that the dog didn't really ATTACK her at all she thought that the baby was doing something that she shouldn't be doing and that was her way of saying "stop" much like she had done with her puppies. She just didn't understand.

    Of course we made her an outside dog from then on which she understood even less! She had been a very very close member of the family and had to go from sleeping in the bed to not being allowed in at all and to be honest it drove her crazy... I don't mean a little crazy either! I mean she literally went mad.

    She became EXTREMELY dangerous growling at my wife even! She started killing ANYTHING that came into the yard coon's possums the neighborhood cats... She always stayed very sweet to me but was clearly a threat to anyone else. I finally had to have her put down, it was very sad.

  • purplesofa

    Pit Bulls are banned from owning in the county I live in.

    Too many attacks on people.

  • mama1119

    In our neighborhood, the CC&R's prevent you from having a pitbull. This same situation happened to us a few months ago. We were walking our dog on a leash and another dog came from his yeard into the street and attacked our dog. He had to get stitches, and the owner of the dog was ticketed and held responsible for vet fees. Make sure you report it.

    I agree with earthtone, don't put anything past your dog, no matter how wonderful he may seem. We have a heeler/australian shepard mix and he is a great dog. But he is not allowed to sleep in my daughters room at night (he wants to so bad) because you just never know. Better safe than sorry.

  • orbison11

    yes, we had another pit bull attack yesterday in my small town and the lady lost a finger clean off of her hand

    have not heard how she is yet or how badit was,,,, heck she lost a finger,,,it was bad


  • mkr32208

    Once this guy was walking his dog through the park and passed a man coming the other way with a GIANT pit bull! The man leading the pit bull stopped and said "my GOD that's an ugly dog! I think I'll let my pit bull loose so he can rid the earth of such an ugly animal!" So he unsnapped the pits leash and said "go get him boy!"

    The pit bull charged at the ugly dog who promptly and thoroughly tore him limb from bloody limb! The man fell to his knees crying and began to pick up the pieces of his dog "what kind of dog IS that he cried!"

    "Well," said the man with the ugly dog. "Before I cut of his tail and nose he was an alligator..."

    hee hee hee...

  • jaguarbass

    Thats a pretty upsetting story. My wife and I have 4 cocker spaniels that we regularly walk through the neighborhood for exercise. Pit bulls are known for not letting go.

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