"Ego" da man ?

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  • poppers

    The ego, the "me sense", the "little me" is what keeps us separate, is what keeps us from realizing that we already have everything we need to be fulfilled and happy. It is what drives us and keeps us living our lives based on conditioning when it isn't recognized for what it is, a phantom. It isn't real but most people don't know that because it is believed to be what we are. But when its reality is investigated by looking for it it won't be found - all that will be found are "ideas of me" arising in consciousness, ideas that are ever changing, ideas that come and go.
    But by remaining ignorant of ego's insubstantiality we remain bound by it, and are subject to its ideas of how things should or shouldn't be. This is what keeps people trapped in delusion, and willing to follow someone else's ideas, willing to adopt religions and philosophies in order to gain happiness and salvation in some imagined future. And all the while that this is happening, people remain ignorant of their true nature, remain ignorant of the peace and happiness that lies at the core of their very being. They remain ignorant of the only time that this reality can be found - right now in this very moment.

  • Tigerman

    Quandry . . .you said,

    "I truly thought I was serving God. That is the only reason that I was willing to go in service over and over to people who looked down on me and did not want to see me. Also, my family was opposed, and this caused much pain."

    Yes, you believed you were serving God, but at what cost? Did not your ego take center stage in this quest to bring others into your belief system ? Please reread my post and you will understand that I am not talking about status within the JW dynamic. I refer rather to a JW's " driving force" that must come from his/her ideas about themslves and their "place" in the world. How very bold of JW's to believe they understand the religious mysteries of life and then, without libelity, take it upon themselves to interfer into people's lives !

    It seems to me that the WTS is built on and upheld by nothing less than the wrong kind of pride.

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