Elders that don't want to talk about spiritual things

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  • tijkmo
    Can you ever remember someone talking about a Watchtower article or anyother publication

    yes i did

    but that was because i used to read them...(as someone said - i was a pioneer so i had plenty of spare time)(to be fair i didnt have children tho)

    i was just as comfortable talking about spiritual things as i was about sport tv music news travel...or whatever somebody else was interested in.

    generally when elders were together (when no other cong members were around) they would talk about cong matters meeting parts someone who needed counsel (rarely someone who needed help) gossip gossip ...but now you mention it seldom wt articles or bible understanding

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    Do elders talk about "spiritual things" on social time?

    Yes. I heard a conversation among a few elders at a social event about how long it takes for them to make a public talk. Whether the one who did it quicker or the one who took the longest was viewed as most spiritual among them, I don't know!

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously by WTS standards)

  • Honesty
    Just one more reason I can feel that the religion is wrong. My mind can read the evidence all day long but there's something special about your heart telling you that you are doing the right thing.

    Just Thursday I met with some girls for a study at a friend's house. I lead it (and I'm a woman!!!) and its at her house. I stayed later to talk to her and we just started talking about how awesome God is and praying together and we were both brought to tears at how wonderful God is to us. That's what Christians should be talking about. reneeisorym

    What's wrong with a woman leading a biblical discussion, praying for the group with having to wear a rag on her head, designing the sanctuary, etc.? Oh, I forgot. NOT IN JEHOOBIE's ORGANIZATION. Back on topic: The elders I hung around with liked to listen to Neil Young and reminisce about the 'Good Old Days' of Rock 'n Roll, acid and free love. If anyone did bring up a spiritual topic it always came back around to the 'Good Old Days.'

  • mama1119

    I don't remember elders talking to much about spiritual things after the meeting, unless it could be counted as time!

  • parakeet

    ***The elders I hung around with liked to listen to Neil Young and reminisce about the 'Good Old Days' of Rock 'n Roll, acid and free love.***

    How ironic. I was a child of the 60s and loved rock. During that time, an elder admonished me about listening to "soft rock" (as if I would!) because soft rock was really "mud." He would have been aghast to know what I really listened to.
    It's funny how "wordly" changes definition as the generations age.

  • SirNose586
    Someone here at JWD said that at the bookstudy they went to ice cream was served afterwards!

    Now that is an incentive to hurry up and get over with the study! :)

    Yeah, that happened for me quite some time ago. It was the greatest bookstudy EVER. Cake and ice cream were GUARANTEED after every study. I do miss it, I really do.

  • blondie

    Actually, even at elders meetings which should be based on the Bible, you will find that the final word are BOE letters and comments in the margins from COs in the elders manual. I have been told by eager, new elders who come prepared to discuss points having researched the Bible and the WT publications that they were told to put that aside; that no time was going to be spent on "Bible" discussion at an elders meeting. Of course, there are exceptions, but by report it's not what I hear nor what I saw.

    I remember asking an elder about a "bible" question. His response, to throw a photocopy of an WT article at me. As if I hadn't already researched that. Every time I asked for a shepherding call, it started with my being given a magazine, publication or photocopy of an article and told to read it. NO discussion with the elder. My husband had to stop me the last time from flinging the article into their faces.


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