anyone notice the questions from readers in current study WT?

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  • ?me?

    basically it is the "porn" letter the BOE's got a few months back, i do not have the time to break it down, but i think they left out a few things for the local rank and file.

    maybe our researchers out there can break it down for us.

    i do not think the line about how Looking at porn is NOT a judical matter made it to the WT

    talk about micromanaging!!

  • stillajwexelder

    I read the exact opposite and it was explained by the PO. Looking at porn "with greediness" IS JUDICIAL and you can be disfellowshipped for it

  • magoo

    ......i keep one eye closed......less greedy


  • blondie
  • stillajwexelder

    They were loosing so many elders/MS/Pioneers over looking at porn they decided to make it judicial as the usual fear tactic

  • stillajwexelder

    Thanks Blondie. Beautifully succint Blondie. Thankyou. I do not check in as often and forgotten it had been discussed at length

  • zeroday

    Interesting story I must relate. Some time ago before I got a computer I was visiting my Cousin-Elder to check out the Internet. I had some sites I wanted to visit and did not have access to a computer. So one day I'm at his house and ask if I can use his computer to go online. I mainly wanted to visit sites such as to research new computers. Well, here we are, him and I and he opens his "Favorites" button to scroll down to a website when what scrolls past a website he has saved entitled. "A to Z celebrity Nude Photos". Now, I can't miss it if I wanted to but I was so embarassed for him I did not mention I even saw it. He says he has to do a little work on his computer to come back in about 10 minutes and I can use it to look up my websites. So I come back and he leaves the room and I immediately go to his "Favorites" and the bookmark for the pornsite is gone. Imagine that.

  • BookOfJude

    Someone in my old congregation had a JC, don't remember if he was publically or privately reproved, but a few months later they had a big local needs talk about viewing pornography on the internet, and then a bit about sleepovers and mutual masturbation, and then finally a bit about visiting gay clubs. Last bit was interesting, I have to say.

  • jgnat

    Zeroday, I'd have half a mind to google that "A to Z Celebrity" site, and re-add it to his favorites when he's not looking. Let him try and puzzle THAT out.

  • katiekitten
    then a bit about sleepovers and mutual masturbation, and then finally a bit about visiting gay clubs

    Id be thinking 'damn someones having a good time in this who could it be...and why didnt they invite me...'

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