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  • juni

    So Belushi, why did you guys feel it was necessary? Shouldn't we have been thinking the best of our bros/sisters instead of looking for the bad?


  • calico
    What really pissed me off is when they would admonish our kids before they talked to us.

    This happened to me, too. What right did they have to talk to my child without talking to me first?!

  • blondie

    Just because you didn't know if the elders were "poking their nose" into your business, did not mean they weren't. My ex-elder hubbie says that at least 50% of all elder meetings consisted of evaluating the spirituality of the congregation...hahaha.


  • katiekitten

    When I was about 15 the elders sent a body of 3 round to every teenagers house to interview them and ask them if they wanted to tell them about any wrongdoing that was going on.

    Now, they didnt have a lead on any particular wrongdoing, but they figured if they asked everyone as if they did know, someone would start ratting and they could get us all on something.

    Well i was particularly swotty (i.e. no boyfriend, nobody to do wrong with) so I told them I thought this was a witch hunt and I thought it was wrong and I knew nothing (which was true) and that they were being paranoid. As it happened I dont think anyone was up to anything so nothing came of it, but it was very scary at the time to a teenager and it went on for weeks.

  • juni

    Blondie, thanks for that piece of info. Gestapo come to mind???? Of course they got theirs from the "serpent servant".


    Katiekitten, hi. Same thing happened w/my kids when they were teens. It was a witchhunt. They laughed about it because most of the time the kids involved were the elders'. Of course, the elders prompted them as how to answer any questions. Had to secure that elder position at all costs.

  • Dismembered

    One time I went to meeting after drinking a couple beers during the supper I had to wolf down to get there on time. Back then it must have been Bud. Anyway, as a Ministerial Servant ™ that was a no-no. So this "elder" who was known to many, as a fish when he went out on the town and acts like an asshole, comes up to me and gets a whif of the bud. He starts scolding me and says "You better not let anybody smell your breath or you could be deleted blah blah blah........ Screw you, I thought to myself. I guess he poked his nostrils where they didn't belong. Funny thing is, I never asked him why his wife was resembled a beached whale. Damn "elder" nitwits.


  • LongHairGal

    I noticed early on they tended to be nosey. Once they got a foothold in your life or business there was trouble - unsolicited advice or remarks, etc.

    There is too much "togetherness" and lack of respect for boundaries in this religion. This is a problem if you are single - especially if you are female. They must feel that since there is no marriage mate to protest the intrusions, they have a "green light". I do not feel this nosiness is motivated by good will or "Christian love" on their part. In some instances, they want something or are just looking for somebody to exploit.


  • blondie

    I've known of elders to use the pioneer sisters as sources of information. Several said they found out more from a day in going out with the sisters than in 3 elder meetings.


  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    I second blondie........i used to get tons of info out of the sisters.....it was unbelievable!!!!!

  • thecarpenter

    He used me to get information on my dad

    Hello Andre, unfortunately, this is a common tactic with some elders. I have known elders who deliberately go to the kids to try and get information out of them. They phrase questions subtly to get them to tell on their parents or other family members. I know of some elders who tried to recruit spies to check on people (even other elders), as Frannie posted

    What a Cult!

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