Scripturally Free to Remarry?

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  • limbogirl

    had a discussion with a friend of mine yesterday -- she's still semi in the borg. anyway, she says she's free to remarry as defined by dub rules. she's divorced, however, there was no cheating by either party in the marriage. after the divorce was final SHE slept with someone else. she claims that makes her spiritually free to remarry. HUH???? is that true? i thought she would only be free to remarry if the ex-husb had cheated within the context of the marriage. thoughts?

  • luna2

    LMAO!!! That's priceless. What's she's free to do is get disfellowshipped. Can't wait til she explains that one to the Elders.

  • muslima
    I thought that the rules were as long as one or the other slept with someone else - they were both free to remarry...otherwise some would be kept in limbo forever....

    Not that it is ANYONE'S business who sleeps with who, when or how - after divorce -- but I thought that is how the rules went...

  • sir82

    In the wacky, pharisaical world of JWs, yes she is free to re-marry. Her act of adultery is allowed to apply retrocactively to her divorce, making the divorce "scriptural" since adultery is involved.

    Of course, the local elders will haul her back to a judicial committee meeting. Depending on how sharp they are, they may get the idea that she did this on purpose to become "scripturally free to remarry" and D-F her. But if she is part of the "in-club", or has connections, or has something on one or more of the elders, she'll probably get off with "private reproof", and be able to marry in the Kingdom Hall within a year or so.

    And of course the "innocent mate" is now free to remarry. He didn't enagage in the adultery, so he can get married in te hKingdom Hall tomorrow if he chooses.

    You can't make this stuff up!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    She is free to remarry, but the elders obviously don't know that. I can imagine what they might do when they find out...

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I believe You believe what your saying!

    These people are pretty crazy,

    I knew a lady who was alone for 12 years of her life, because she was waiting to be Scripturally Free to Remarry, talk about wasting years of your life.

  • katiekitten

    Yes I believe she is scripturally free to remarry.

    When my mum and dad seperated they both wanted to stay in da troof. My dad moved to South America tho, which freaked everyone out. Eventually he did the deed, and wrote to my mum that she was free to file for a scriptural divorce, which she did.

    When it was listed in the local paper, the spanish inquisition elders came round and told her "you know there are only limited circumstances which allow you to divorce scripturally?" They then went on to accuse mum of doing the deed, because they just couldnt imagine that it might have been dad.

    She told them yes she knew what the scriptural grounds for divorce were and she was getting a scriptural divorce, thank you very much and goodbye. They were so pissed that she hadnt given them any juicy details and hadnt even confirmed who did the deed. But they couldnt do anything because my mum having sex would be like mother teresa masturbating in the vatican on live TV.

  • limbogirl

    Believe it or not my friend pranced right over to the nearest kingdumb hall she could find and had a meeting with three elder's to confess that she had slept with someone she was not married to. I said, "have you learned nothing? why do you keep turning yourself in and confessing the intimate details of your life to these people???" (she's been df'd once and reproved about four times). She said to me, "well, I confessed so that I'm now scripturally free to remarry." I cannot believe that this makes her free to remarry as per the rules. This makes NO SENSE! I'm trying to get her to see this for what it is...CRAP.

  • mama1119

    The fact that threee dudes are allowed to run your life like that is nuts!!! I knew this weirdo family where the son married this other VERY young JW girl. After they got married it came out that she was already pregnant, and somehow they ended up divorced right away. Well, the weirdo family wanted their son to be scriptually free, so they followed this girl around for like year, stalking her, all taking turns to see if there was any possibility of her cheating. And she was so fed up, she did, just to get them off her back. And they were so incredibly excited he was now free. Then they tried to get full custody of the baby, using her sleeping with another guy as a good reason to take her child away. Perhaps the stalking on their part might make them look a little wacky...

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Our son divorced his wife a few years ago because she admitted to adultery--but she only admitted to him. Later she told the elders that she had lied. So they told our son he was not free to remarry. But one of the elders took my son with him in his car and stalked her apartment way into the middle of the night, and sure enough, they found evidence that she was with a man. That made our son free to remarry, but he didn't have anyone in mind.

    About four years later his old girlfriend divorced her non-witness husband on the grounds of adultery. Her husband had actually moved his new woman into their home, and of course our son's old girlfriend moved out. The gir's parent's (both good witnesses) testified to the elders that this man was living with another woman. Can you believe this? They required that the parents write a letter to the elders and sign it before their daughter would be free to remarry our son.

    Happily our son and new daughter-in-law stopped attending meetings about a year ago.

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