The Dub is dead. Surprise!

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  • lesterd

    3 surprise, one you made it, two, the person you least thought would make it is there, and 3, the one you thought was most deserving is not.

  • BrendaCloutier

    ((( Target )))

    My dad died 13-Aug - 2 sundays ago. I cried when I first heard, but I've been crying over the loss of my parents for so long that it's really no big deal. There's only one more paragraph to write, and that's the memorial service coming up on the 2nd.

    You've expressed my thoughts exactly:

    Well, Sunday he had a fatal heart attack. I immediately pictured him on the other side, eyes blinking, saying WTH??

    That's pretty much how I pictured my dad right after death. "You mean I was wr-wr-wr-wrong???"

  • target


    I am sorry about your father's death. Even if we do not have a close relationship with parents, it leaves an unexpected feeling. You are an orphan, no matter how old you are.

    This dub who died had not been to meetings in about 15 years, except for the Memorial, because he was pissed at the elders. He remained close friends with an elder from a different city. I expect he will be the one to give the talk.

    His wife had been a "good friend" of mine, until I stopped going to meetings. Now she shuns me. Interesting since her husband quit meetings years ago and we never shunned him, and 4 of their 5 children do not attend meetings. One is DF.

    Yup, it is all conditional........

    That is why I would like to see their faces when they see it was all BS. They have a lot to answer for.


  • target


    What do you do when someone tries to contact you who you do not want to talk to? You tell them to get lost. Demons are not as plentiful as the WTS would have you believe, and you can tell them to get lost also. The WTS really drilled that fear into us. And that is all it is-fear.


  • SirNose586

    Reminds me of a South Park episode. There were a group of people in hell. This tour group guide kind of guy was explaining to them where they were. A Jehovah's Witness says, "I thought we had the true religion!" Then the tour guide checks his clipboard and says " You didn't. The correct group was Mormons. Yes, Mormons had the truth."

    The whole group goes "Awwwwwwww....."

    Cut to a scene of white shirt, black-tied Mormons in heaven acting like dorks. Very funny, all of it.

  • earthtone

    [email protected]. Funny wish I had show that one.

  • target

    Get this: The dead dub's obit is in the paper today and it says he died at home Sunday morning. I wonder if it was while his wife was at the meeting. He has not been to a meeting in at least 15 years, yet his obit says he was a "zealous proclaimer" and an active member of the JWs. I have read many obits and they often tell what church they belonged to but I have never seen anyone referred to as having been an active member of their church. Those statements about the dead guy are outright lies. Hell, if he had been so damn active, he would have been at the KH Sunday morning instead of home alone........Everyone who knew him knew he would not even speak to the elders. Liars...


  • moshe

    Common sense tells me that my hunter-gatherer ancestors in Europe have just as good a chance of entering the spirit world as I do, if it exists at all. Go back further- what about Neanderthals?- hmm not so sure about that. Maybe, this is as good as it gets. The belief in an afterlife really took off with the Greeks.

  • earthtone

    Really moshe, tell me more.

  • parakeet

    ***IF there is an after life, what a surprise!***
    This reminds me of a headline from The Onion shortly after 9/11:
    "Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves in Hell"

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