The World IS getting worse - and WILL be destoyed, SOON !!

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  • TheOldHippie

    The quotes should make you refrain from any doubts whatsoever| all from wellknown theologians and scientists:

    1. "Antichrist, which is the Great Whore in Babylon, has destroyed the Holy Church. 6,000 years have elapsed since Creation, and the World should last no longer than that. God should then punish mankind with plague, starvation and death in the final days - and has He not done that?"

    2. The World is so evil that it cannot grow any worse. A child 7 years old knows more about wickedness than old people did before. Fidelity and love exist no more. The signs in the Heavens cannot be misunderstood. There is blood, pain, suffering, devils and demons everywhere."

    3. "The End is near."

    4. "A huge battle has taken place in the Heavens. Antichrist will be thrown out in ...72. There will then come a short period when the Word of Christ will be preached worldwide in all its purity and cleanness and clearity, before Christ will come for the second time."

    Quotes are from:

    1. Bishop Peter Palladius, Denmark ............. 1555.

    2. Bishop Olaus Petri, Sweden, around 1550.

    3. Historian and theologist John Carion, Germany, 1532.

    4. Theologian Andrew Osiander, Nuremberg, Germany, around 1550. The year referred to is not 1972, and not 1872, but .......1672.

    So when it was THAT close back then, imagine how close it must be TODAY!

  • poppers

    Interesting. Thanks TheOldHippie.

  • earthtone

    1. Don't forget that before this generation passes the world will end. Whatever!

  • Gill

    Very interesting! Sooooooooon, I say, very soooooooooooooooon!


  • katiekitten

    Maybe the end came in the 1600's and we just didnt take too much notice, now were in a new mess waiting for the 'Son of the End' or 'Return of the End' or maybe 'The End, The Final Chapter'.

  • Poztate

    An elder at my door talking to me said..It has to happen very soooooon now. All the signs point to it. I think he was a little disappointed when his speech didn't send me scurrying back to the "truth"™

  • fullofdoubtnow

    People have obviously been predicting that the world will end for centuries, and they all have one thing in common - they were all wrong.

    Maybe someone will get it right one day.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle
    So when it was THAT close back then, imagine how close it must be TODAY!


    That phrase always drove me crazy,

    A perfect non sequitur.

  • NowImFree

    I do believe it will happen one day and that Jesus will come back, but I don't think it will turn out anything like the JWs say it will. I just hope if stuff happens, that a bunch of inactive or ex-JWs don't go running back to the JWs out of fear thinking that the JWs had the "truth" after all. Many besides the JWs have been saying we are in the end times, for the past 2,000 years, so the JWs aren't saying anything new. It's just that the JWs keep making false predictions so they figure one of these days they might hit it right. They are just capitalizing on it and trying to manipulate and control people with it through fear. Remember the Hale Bop cult and Jim Jones and David Koresh? I think they all claimed that the end was near so people would listen to them. Most cults capitalize on the "end is near" and make false predictions but I think the witnesses might be one of the most notorious false prophets.


  • moshe

    Most cults capitalize on the "end is near" and make false predictions.

    It's convenient for Christians that the promised return of Jesus is "open ended". Why do people get upset when JW's try and do the same thing with their predictions of an "Impending Armageddon"?

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