How the Watchtower organization does, in fact, claim to be an inspired prophet.

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  • Crazyguy
    It MAY HAVE been quoted by splash but there's a WT were they say even the rank and file JWs that go door to door are prophets

    They have also called the ORG "Prophet-like", hmmm....? What does that mean?


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I think it’s worth considering why the ghastly Watchtower magazine was published in the first place back in 1879. It was because the wealthy entrepreneur Chucky Russell had defended the most recent Adventist prophecy failure of the heavenly coming of JC in 1874.

    “No! Don't be disappointed, you are wrong, it did happen after all!” he said addressing his invisible friend Noddy, because Jesus did arrive but came invisibly! Ta dah! That means, thought Chucky, stroking his beard and polishing his Rosicrucian badge, that given forty Biblical years, God’s enemies will be destroyed, the saints will be raptured and the paradise will be restored, brilliant! Noddy wasn’t impressed... "So!" thought Chucky "I’ll tell the world of my invisible discovery by printing Zion’s Watchtower and Herald of Christ’s Presence, that’ll show em!"

    So surely the whole enterprise was explicitly ‘prophetic’ by Russell's self professed mandate foretelling a divine event? And Russell permitted his followers to give him the accolade of "God's channel". He personally relished that flattering image of being God's spirit driven appointee. This founder effect has never been cancelled by the subsequent presidents and governors of the WTBTS.

  • Doltologist
    So is Watchtower a 'not-for-profit' or a 'not-for-prophet' organisation because I'm confused?
  • notsurewheretogo

    Don Cameron's book Captives to a Concept expertly captures this notion...inspired, directed doesn't matter it is the same and the WT claims to be so...and fails.

    I can't stress enough how good Don's book is...couple it with Ray's Crisis of Conscience and if you are "still in" after reading both those books there is something wrong with you.

  • prologos

    You are a prophet either for "Jehovah" or --for someone else, guess who wt claims to speak, and predict for. and

    the prophet does not speak for "Jehovah" is not to be feared, to be judged and dealt with by the human judiciary.

    The prophet claiming to speak for "Jehovah", but producing failed predictions is to be dealt with in the same manner: --Fear them not, and deal with them as they deserve. You be the judge. So: watch Anthony Morris the 3rd on this site, his 2015 convention speeches ; he knows what is being thought of him.


    They hedge their bets. They want the status of a prophet/guru/shaman, they want the perks, but they don't want the responsibility.

    Just walk around and tell all the dubs you know that the GB are wrong about A,B,C and see what happens! They will defend their "True Prophets!" When you are on trial for "apostasy" make sure to bring all the WT quotes saying they are not prophets, or infallible.

    You will be on trial for publicly disagreeing with "God's Channel" of "True, uninspired, fallible, spirit-directed, non-prophet, "prophets."


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