Going to NYC Tomorrow - Any Suggestions What to See, Hear, Eat - Cheap?

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  • minimus

    What street will you be staying on? Midtown west?? EAstside?? In the Village, Cafe Wha? is one of my favs. Great live music on McDougal st. You should get a free copy of The Village Voice that they have in news bins throughout the city. For Italian food and culture, Little Italy is wonderful, esp. with outdoor patio seating. Right next to that is Chinatown. Great food---cheap! For martinis, I love the Marriott Marquise on 44th and Broadway. Bartenders are great and sports fanatics. Across from there is a new restaurant that opened up this summer with a beautiful outdoor patio and delicious food and sandwiches. Any Irish bar is good for the basics and they'll often throw in the third drink. Believe it or not, the outside food stands that have chicken and beef skewers are cheap and delicious. If you like Greek food, there's a great place on the corner of 44th and 8th and 9th. Virgil's Barbecue is one of the best in the city and the drinks will knock ya for a loop.

  • Gregor

    Sounds fun. My wife and I want to do NYC within the next 6 mos. Your description of interests and budget fit ours to a 't'. Love to see a post after you return.

  • Seeker4

    We were in NYC a little over a year ago. Ate at a great Mexican restaurant on McDougal just down from Cafe Wha! Also ate one night in Chinatown, then wandered up through Little Italy through all the closed off streets filled with street vendors. Was great.

    We're staying at a hotel on Broadway at 103 St. Upper East Side, pretty much directly across Central Park from the major art museums.

    Thanks for the suggestions. If it all works out, I'll fill you all in on doing NYC on the cheap. I got the hotel for $109 a night, which is unheard of for Upper East Side Manhattan. I'll let you know how that works out, good or bad!

    Keep the suggestions rolling in, and thanks. Thanks, Min, for the #. I'll put you in the speed dial!


  • Joyal

    I have to agree with Mimimus about Virgil's BBQ! Centrally located right in the heart of Times Square and they have a version of "Ice Tea" that will truly knock you off your feet! Yum!

    In Tribeca, there is an Italian restaurant called Ivy's Bistro (it's on Greenwich Street.) Small, intimate place with excellent pasta dishes. And if you really want to splurge one evening, Tribeca Grill is very nice. Might even see some celebrities in there since it's owned by Robert De Niro.


  • apostawriter

    The Moma is free on Friday's (line up early). Soul Food at Little Pink Teacup on Bleecker (huge portions).

    Daniel www.dfmenow.blogspot.com

  • DevonMcBride

    Canal Street in Chinatown is a MUST!!! You can buy inexpensive but high quality fake and stolen designer handbags. I bought 3 bags, a fake Kate Spade, a fake Christian Dior and a Coach bag that "fell off the back of the truck." Not only can you find some great buys, but it's a lot of fun too. If you're looking for a fake designer bag, you are led into back rooms and down alleys to buy them.

  • stevenyc

    Hey, PM me if you fancy meeting up for a pint!


  • Seeker4

    Yeah, we use public transit and taxis in the city. Actually, we drive down from Vermont to Hartford, CT, leave the car there and take the train in to Grand Central, so we don't worry about a car at all. Even with the train tickets for two and parking at Hartford, it's still probably cheaper than parking in the city and gas, plus no driving hassles in NYC, which is priceless.

    And, we walk like crazy. Last time we hiked up one afternoon from Lower Manhattan to where we were staying on W 73rd St. It was great.


  • Soledad

    311 is your best friend in NYC. Use it! Especially if you want to find out about free events in Central Park (which there always are)

    For cheap eats I highly recommend The Kati Roll Company on 46th between 6th and Broadway, or Aceluck on 9th ave between 39th and 40th (Indian and Thai respectively). Yum!!

    Probably won't make it to the KH. But if I see any Witnesses street witnessing, I might have a little fun....
    42nd street A line subway station, right across from the porn video stores------you can't miss em!
  • minimus

    If you go thru Boston, Peter Pan bus takes you into NYC for $55 ROUND TRIP pp!! You are there in less than 4 and a half hours. They have ac, free movies and bathroom. Easy ride.

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