Going to NYC Tomorrow - Any Suggestions What to See, Hear, Eat - Cheap?

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  • Seeker4

    Lori and I are headed to NYC tomorrow, and we'll be there 'til Thursday. We'll also have limited funds (ie: don't suggest a Broadway show!).

    Any specific suggestions on good, inexpensive things to do, places to see, music, art, food? We love art and music, literature and gardens, sidewalk cafes, eating, wine and the occasional vodka martini. Know of a good club with live music, an inexpensive wine bar or restaurant, a comedy club or cabaret? A good street for art galleries?

    We'll be spending most of Wednesday adventuring in the East Village/SoHo/Chinatown/Little Italy/TriBeCa area.

    Any suggestion we follow through on I'll write about it when we get back.



  • kid-A

    The Guggenheim and MoMA are required visits , and of course, Central Park is always free and lots of free shows and exhibits in august.

  • M*A*S*H

    I suggest you find the local kingdom hall... they're free to get in. The seats aren't very comfy. The show sucks too. The company is bad. But... it is free.

  • pratt1

    Soho is a great place to visit.

    Many of the art gallaries are free and they are very good.

    I suggest a bar b que resturant in the Soho area for lunch - I forgot the name, I'll ask my wife when I get home and I'll re post.

    You may also want to explore the East Village between 14th st and Houston.

    If it's a nice day you could walk the entire length, you will see many small and inexpensive resturants.

  • juni

    My husband is from NY. He used to go to Greenwich Village. Things used to be cheap; don't know about now. Central Park is a very good suggestion.

    Juni http://www.nycgv.com/about3.asp

  • minimus

    Check out broadway.com.....I sent u a pm.

  • done4good

    Anywhere in Soho is awsome for food and drink.


  • done4good

    Also, if your in midtown and like Italian, try il Vagabondo on 62nd and 2nd. Best there is.


  • looking_glass

    Walk or take public transport where ever you go. Public transport is cheap and easy to use. I love Central Park. To walk around and take the walking paths are great. China Town is great. Great food and cheap eats.

  • Seeker4

    Yeah, our hotel is on the Upper West Side and we will be running in Central Park Wednesday and Thursday mornings, as we're just a couple of blocks off.

    Probably won't make it to the KH. But if I see any Witnesses street witnessing, I might have a little fun....


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