Letter to the Editor about jw's

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Cesar's Flowerbeds to Cesar

  • Mysterious

    I remember being embarassed years ago when an internet friend was telling me about unruly JW children kicking the decorative bricks out around his sidewalk. He told the woman if she was going to drag her children door to door then she should see to it they were better behaved.

    Personally I was always careful to walk on stepping stones instead of grass and to make sure gates were closed behind us. I don't recall any undo damage being caused in any of my experiences. I was scolded as a child for picking berries off a return visit's busheds though come to think of it.

  • Swan

    Dang it! What's the matter with those thoughtless people? What an uncaring act of brotherly love! No respect for other people's property. Don't they know the circuit overseer wants that house for himself after the Big A?


  • LovesDubs

    How many BLUE cars do you think were out in service that day? Yep...they know who did it at the hall. And do you think they will have the decency to go make amends? Hell no.

    Kudos to the woman for doing this. Sends a message to those who think they are spiritually superior.

  • DannyHaszard
  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I've mentioned this before on this website, but I fully support free ads, if you have been DF'd why not take out an ad about your situation under those free announcements, it would be fun how much bad press you can give the ORG. Why not do a Ad for yourself as DF and advise all others that you are to be Shunned. They can not sue you because you are not talking about anyone but yourself, Right?

  • jeeprube

    Oh, the persecution! How can these newspapers print such lies of Satan? It's just like the government of France denying tax free status to one of the world's largest printing empires.

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