CATHOLIC TO JW..........POPE TO GB..............WHY ??????

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  • vitty

    Why do so many catholics become JWs ? I know a lot of them were not very strong or practicing catholics but the WT does seem to draw them, especially when they are so critical of them and the pope. You would think it would put them off.

    Is it because the are so different or the same???????????

    I wouldnt mind being a catholic..............confessing to a priest , and him taking away all my guilt, sounds great and they have so many lovely traditions and they celebrate christmas.....I told my DH if I would be anything it would be catholic..............he just said no way

    I dont want to offend any catholics or christians here im just having a bit of fun.

    But why ?????????

    What would you say the ratio was in your hall of, non catholic.

  • serendipity

    My dad was a non-practicing Catholic who converted. He disliked the ritual and the requests for money in the Catholic church. He disliked the power one priest could have. He thought that Catholics who confessed and then committed the same sins repeatedly were hypocrites. In comparison, JWs didn't beg for money (at that time ), they df'd wrongdoers. Since there was a body of elders, there were some checks on corruption (so he thought). He also like the relative simplicity of the KHs and worship. He thought JWs were closer to Christianity as practiced in the first century and he liked that.

    He also died due to refusing a blood transfusion. I wonder what his thoughts were in his final hours.

  • purplesofa

    I was Catholic and converted.

    Catholics do not study the bible.

    Catholics tug at your emotions.........they have guilt and anxiety and fear.

    JW's have bible based answers.

    JW's tug at your emotions...........they have guilt and anxiety and fear.


  • Justin

    The Catholic Church claims to have the magisterium or teaching authority to dispense the truth to Christ's flock. When one first begins to study with JWs, one is lead to think that the Bible alone is being appealed to for truth. In other words, one is accepting the Protestant idea of sola scriptura. It is only later that one realizes that one magisterium has been substituted for another. So I don't think Catholics realize the similarity between the two systems until they are well on their way.

  • KW13

    I think it must be the illusions the Society create, you see with the Catholics the whole show is 'almost transparent' and people soon decide whether its good or bad.

    With being a JW, you are slowly fed more and more rubbish, without even realising the transformation from Study to being a full blown witness. Each JW should be demanding, what happened to the things we were promised? because the whole damn thing changes after Study...

  • TopHat

    MY ONE guess is that the JWs use the Bible to prove to Catholic converts that God does not approve of the worship to Idols. Of witch the Catholic church is guilty!

  • sspo

    I was catholic, it is the easiest religion to disprove.

    They don't use the bible to prove their beleif,

    They have the Pope as a ruler, call him the MOST HIGH

    they call their priest "father"

    They bow down to statues and we know the bible talks against idol worship

    They pray to SAINTS and many other things.

    The average catholic does not know much about the bible so the JW's can easily convince them.

    Interestingly though even in die hard catholic countries such as Italy and south america,there is no increase at all with the JW's

    These countries used to average a 10% increase every year, not anymore, Jw can preach as much as they want, they cannot match the internet and the exposure of the organization..

  • OICU8it2

    My daughter went from a baptized publisher to a mass attending Catholic. My other daughter has recently decided to raise my other grandkids as Catholic.

  • Mary

    Probably because the average Catholic doesn't know what's in the bible. I remember calling on the local priest out in Service one day when I was 15 years old. 5 minutes into the conversation, I realized I knew more about the bible than what he did.

    It all depends on what you like in your faith. Catholicism is very much tradition, kneeling, crossing yourself and repeating after the priest. This appeals to some, others it doesn't. I went to the Catholic Church on Easter and it just wasn't my cup of tea. They barely read anything from the bible and it was all this weird stuff in Latin and then the priest came down the isle throwing "holy water" on everyone.....I just couldn't imagine the first century congregations doing all that stuff.

  • kazar

    I was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic school. I converted to Jehovah's Witnesses at 17. It is for all the reasons posted by the forum members here that Catholics convert to Jehovah's Witnesses. Also, many of the sincere practicing Catholics are perturbed by the concept of hell as promoted by the Catholics; a place of eternal torment. JW's show from the bible that hell is very different from what the Catholics believe. That was probably the deciding factor for me. We had a high ratio of 75% converted Catholics at the Kingdom Hall I attended.

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