Looking for a new laptop, any one own a tablet?

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  • thecarpenter

    Well I decided to give the gateway a try.
    I really like the idea of taking handwritten notes on a laptop without having to use paper. Since the laptop has a mic, not only can I take notes but also record the professors lectures at the same time. The 12 cell battery life for the gateway is supposed to be over six hours (they claim 8 but we will see; personally if I get 5, I will be happy). Since I will be sitting down on a student desk, weight shouldn't be a issue. As for visibility in daylight, that is a problem with pretty much all laptops. I always had problems seeing the screen in bright sunlight and usually just move to the shade which improves things.

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    On a side note, isn't it bizarre how people don't use laptops for taking assembly notes? (at least, no one in the audience does.. the bros downstairs do though). If I was really serious about taking notes at an assembly, I would absolutely use a laptop to do this effectively. Always bothered me that pulling out a laptop would be viewed as "stumbling" via materialism... so short sighted. Oh well.

    That is ironic, since I can type faster than I can write. I ran into this problem at the hall as well, one elder told me it was a distraction and strongly hinted no to do it.. sheeeczz!!!

    But there are advantages to writing, you don't have to worry about battery life and it is a lot cheaper. I look forward to downloading the teachers class lecture and digitally writing my notes on the lecture sheet.

  • blondie

    I'm shopping for a new computer too, desktop or laptop. I have had a Gateway desktop for about 7 years and have been happy with it but I need to get a computer with larger memory (have already added all I can).

    I would like to get a notebook too but I am worried that my arthritic fingers would have a problem with a smaller keyboard.

    I would like to have scan abilities too.

    I hope I'm not taking over...I do like Gateway products.


  • bronzefist

    Sorry about your Dell Inspiron 8500 Gary I have the exact laptop for about the same amount of time with absolutely zero problems. My battery is not on the crash and burn list. I would recomend a Dell.

  • Odrade

    I wouldn't get another Dell laptop, although their monitors are great. I've had an Inspiron 8600 widescreen since Dec '03. The first one had to have a new motherboard put in because the power jack failed on the first day. Then the battery life was abyssmal. After about a year, I had to be plugged in at all times because of having about 11 minutes of battery life. Now the 2nd powerjack has failed and I can only charge in the docking station. Cheap components, and poor build quality, that's my opinion. My husband recently got a Gateway laptop, it's fairly low end, but with a 15.4" widescreen. He likes it better than the Dell, but the left mouse button on the touchpad has already gone belly up.

  • thecarpenter

    hey blonde,

    If you are worried about the keyboard on the laptop, you can actually plug in a separate ergonomic keyboard and use that instead. I do this sometimes at work when I have a lot of typing to do. You can also plug in a separate large monitor as well and use that as you screen. (You can also get a docking station so that you don't have to constantly plug everything in, just dock the laptop and you are ready to go.) The advantages of a laptop is it's portability; can take it anywhere (I sometimes use it in the car or in starbucks.) Personally, I have a desktop as well, its a muscle machine that I use for heavy duty applications. (Yes I admit it, I'm a computer geek in my spare time).

    If I had to choose one machine though, I'd go with a desktop. (I need to cut down my computer time and watch some TV)

    I sort of view laptops as throw away machines after 3 years. By that time, it should be beaten up pretty good. My Compaq already has a cracked bezel, the cd burner no longer burns, still can read though; the left button on the touchpad sticks a little; the battery is losing it's ability to hold a charge (45 minutes now... used to be 2 hours); the case is all scratched up. I had put in some new memory and upgraded the hard drive about 8 months ago but the laptop is showing its wear. That's why I'm upgrading and will use this one a emergency spare. My laptop before that died after three good years, (dropped it too many times, I'm pretty sure I cracked the motherboard) Oh well....

  • thecarpenter

    Hello all, decided to give you a update.

    I had the gateway tablet/laptop for a few weeks now and it is a charm. I have been using it to take notes at lectures at college but also to record the professor at the same time (it has a little mic in the corner). Turns out that this is hands down the most useful laptop I have ever owned. It come with wireless G and bluetooth so you can surf the internet on wifi, a bluetooth enabled phone or network cable. For any of you students out there, really consider getting a tablet.

    The image ?http://home.earthlink.net/~thecarpenterjwd/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/0043.jpg? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/tabletpc/default.mspx

    The tablet does have some little quirks though, which really isn't a big deal to me.

    • For one thing, the screen smudges a lot because you hand is on it all the time. I've gotten used to it already.
    • the stylus has to be calibrated every time you change screen rotation (I love this feature). It only takes a few seconds to do.
    • The digital pointer on the touch screen shifts slightly when you are writing near the bottom right hand corner. It was annoying at first but I am use to it already and compensate.
    • It is a little on the heavy side with the 12 cell battery but then again, it last about 6 hours.

    hope you find this useful.

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