Comments You Will Not Hear at the 8-20-06 WT Study (MURMURINGS) Post 8/20

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  • minimus

    Let's see.......What reasons might Witnesses have to murmur?? How about these: Always being told to "do more", hearing that your kids are in need of more discipline, being told that you don't "qualify" to "handle the microphones", knowing that if you are feeling ill and yet you don't go to meetings-----you'll get a call asking why you weren't there. And....not being able to talk to your family because they don't want the "Truth" anymore, being told by elders that 2 door cars are not "theocratic". Any more????

  • BizzyBee
    JWs in the 80's and 90's were told they would never see death and would cross over through Armageddon into the earthly paradise. They are seeing illness and death all around them at the KH. They are eagerly and desperately grasping at any statement at the conventions, assemblies, meetings that the end will be here, even by the end of 2006.

    My 87-year old JW aunt died of lung cancer a couple of months ago and she was of nearly icon status among witnesses, as an example of faith and works going back to the 30's. She could barely speak, but kept asking for more literature and witnessing even in the hospice, hours before she died. One of her questions, however was, "Is it possible that Armageddon might come before I die?" A sister who was visiting her held up a thumb and forefinger about a quarter-inch apart and said, "Gerry, Armageddon is this close!"

    We lived in the same town, but she and I had not spoken in 20 years, due to my apostacy, though we had been very close before. I visited her a couple of weeks before she died and was welcomed. Maybe she knew in her heart it didn't really matter anymore. Another sad waste of life and precious time and expenditure of hate.

  • heathen

    Is it just me or does everybody want to see a signed testimony whenever they quote people saying good things about the j-dubs? The bus driver probly just said that in order to keep the dubbies happy and not complain to his boss and maybe lose his job, notice how they didn't mention what exactly went wrong . The next article looks like it might be pretty interesting as they ended with murmuring against the borg. So let me see if I got this right , bleating is ok , murmuring is not ? The WTBTS apparently lowered it's expectations of field service in order to end some murmuring , I wonder if they are now going to increase that once again because of lack of material gain .This is an organization that has made many mistakes and for them to say no complaining is ridiculous , I think they need to apologize for their mistakes and show some humility . Jesus did say it is the most humble that is exalted not the one boasting in themselves .

    Thanks for posting blondie . great job again .

  • ocsrf

    Is not the Society murmuring about the murmmers.


  • heathen

    [email protected]. It's hard to say who complains more with this religion . It's like they take turns , the R&F actually have legitimate reason for complaint as mentioned in the article that there is actaully a legitimate reason to complain , the society blames everybody else for all that is wrong with the religion . How many times have they stated the end is near or that people won't have to die in this system but then people have died and alot of them ? The society is conatantly editing their own writings because they can't get it right while everybody is supposed to keep up with it during their own time . I'd have to complain that if the end is so near then how come they just spent hundreds of millions of dollars on new printing equipment and facilities?

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    Welcome to the forum Klew!

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    Geez, stillajwexelder, that's a hhhhhot avatar. Dang!

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    Anewme his name is JEHOVAH not jehoba

    Agapa - prove it.

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    Marvelous Blondie - great read

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Upon reading this, I believe it is subliminally warning against the Internet too - the WTBTS's biggest threat.

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