What would be a good topic for a hypothesis essay?...College thinking....

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  • AudeSapere


    I left my post hanging while I answered the phone. Looks like you've already got it together.

    Nice going


  • FreedomFrog

    Hey Aude, It's not a set in stone research thought. This assignment was just to get us thinking for what we will write about. From now until about 3 weeks, I can change my mind.

    I do think your idea of involving the kids is a good thought. The only thing that concerns me is if I make it too easy, I will run out of information to write about. The report needs to be 2500 words long with 5-7 references.

    I am open to any and all suggestions. This next 3 weeks is only for collecting information.

    I'll think more about your idea. Maybe something I can do with the kids to make it fun... easy... but with lots of information involved for me later.

    Hmmmm, (now to just turn OFF my brain so I can sleep...)... lmao

  • Forscher

    What class is this anyway FF.
    Not knowing what class and what major you sre pursuing makes it a little confusing trying to think of a specific topic.

  • FreedomFrog

    The class I'm taking is Communication 125 and Critical Thinking 205. The essays seem to work hand in hand with each class. Last semester was Com 105 and IT 125…the essay was on being persuasive. This class seems to be focusing on making sure we get our information correct and realizing that not all of our "news" worthy material mean truth.

  • FreedomFrog
    and what major you sre pursuing

    My major heading for RN

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