raised in the truth?

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  • Bryan

    No child borne to a Witness was raised in the "Truth". They were raised in a "Cult".

    Besides, the age at which your parents began studying and were baptized, has nothing to do with your baptism.

    I was borne into the cult, baptized at 17. I finally got out about 10 years ago and none of my Witness family speaks to me; not even my 21 year old daughter.

    And that Elder sounds creapy.


  • Fleur

    That old geezer was way out of line, don't ever be alone with him again under any circumstances. His speech to you was totally inappropriate.

    I always said I was raised 'around' 'the truth'. My parents had patchy spots and were always considered 'weak'. my grandparents were super devout.

    don't let them get you into the baptism pool.. just do not do it.

    glad you're here, welcome to the forum



  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Welcome Butterfly!!!


    Lady Liberty

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear BlueBeads,

    Welcome to the forum, we are glad to have you here!! SOunds to me like that guy is feeling you out mentally. I would never be alone with him again. Most likely he is like many elders that "get off" on hearing the wrong doing of others. He was obviously hoping you would confess something. Be VERY careful. You don't know what he may be capable of!


    Lady Liberty

  • mrsjones5

    My mother tries to have it both ways. On one hand she tells me I was raised in the "truth" (I was since birth until I left in my early 20's). On the other hand she tells me that I was never baptised as a jw and therefore was never a real jw so there is no reason for me to have any problems with the org. Huh?

  • ocsrf
    You must never be alone with a elder. If he was talking to you that way he may be up to no good. He might have been testing you and may try something inappropriate next time.

    Double Ditto.....................

    Elders know they aren't supposed to be alone with a sister.............I suspect he is seeing how far he can get with you.

    Raised in the truth? What if only one parent is a JW?

    I remember a phrase one brother used, "raised alongside the truth." He said no one is raised in the truth, since each person has to make their own decision. Having both parents JWs from your first day of life is no guarantee. I would avoid baptism and that elder.


    Triple Ditto, This Elder know better than to be talking to you alone about sex...He is breaking all the rules that are laid out for him. He is serving his own interest. Make sure both your mom and dad know of the conversation and if you know of a respected elder in your congregation tha is not a deviate, let them know also, this guy needs to be removed, of course, don't be surprised if he denies it and makes you out to be a liar...scum. OC


    BlueBlades,I am a very large,grumpy dad..No#1;Tell your dad..NO#2The next time Any Elder speaks like that to you,slap his filthy mouth with everything you got,(don`t be afraid of scumbags)then tell your dad..If you were my daughter,I`d punch him out...OUTLAW

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