Were you the only JW in your family?

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  • snarf

    I was the only one in my family as well. Thankfully I never followed through with the baptism! My family never judged me, but they were always good about asking questions and bringing up issues of the world, such as different charities, etc., to get me thinking about how the WTS DOESN'T contribute, only to their own. I am very grateful for their patience and understanding with me. Now that I have left the JW our relationships are so much better.

  • anewme

    I met a girl at school in 1971 and was baptized the following year 1972 in April.
    I was thrown out of my house the same day.

    For years I viewed my own family as the enemy. I stayed away for years and years. I got married and threw myself into the JW world for the next 20 years.

    Mom and Dad both died. Brother married and has 3 children now in their 20s.

    If only they had tried even a little to educate me about the JWs and WHY THEY HATED THEM SO MUCH!
    But they didnt. They loved me and let me do my thing.

    I wish my Dad was alive today so I could lavish love and affection and gifts and cards on him and call him on special days and make him special meals. Forgive me Dad.

  • karen96


    That is so very heart-wrenching! I am so sorry for your loss.

    My family never turned their back on me, and were so very supportive when I was leaving. My closest sister let me live with her after I left my JW hubby, and she and her family literally just moved into their new house. That is love. No matter what the borg wrote about worldly families, I just couldn't totally leave mine, and I am so glad for that.


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